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High Frequency Radio is an online educational platform dedicated to teaching the general public about Private Rights. You have a right to privacy. High Frequency Radio began as a blog talk started by Yusef El and Paul Savage El in 2013.

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19 Responses

  1. Monster Truck Mike says:

    Thanks for for info definitely appreciated.

  2. Nisu [TGG] says:

    I think them ships are called Vimanas…

  3. D. Ross says:

    Yeeeeeeeeeeah thats whats up. You go hard. Preach

  4. Wanda Richardson says:


  5. Sahih KMT El says:

    you will not enslave us utube. I have a right to my privacy.

  6. BluBlockersGirl says:

    You’re incredible, and I’m very very grateful for your teachings

  7. says:

    Two on nothing and to control everything that is to be a God

  8. Essance Sergent-Spikes says:

    I can’t find secret of the social security number book

  9. Sonya Williams says:

    Is it possible to transfer debt under ssn to trust?

  10. Rizzlyricist says:

    Awesome information. I've always heard about this, but then YouTube drowned this information with the influx of these big celebrity channels (will smith, etc).

  11. tmacnyc says:

    So when you put everything in the business name then how do you get credit in your actual name,

  12. Personal Advisory says:

    Good Movie… not Jupiter Ascending but In Time was the movie… Folks don't realize when they watch tv they are paying for it… Great video…

  13. Jason Gray says:

    Big likes hit the like button goofy

  14. Jason Gray says:


  15. Samanthia Goodleu says:

    Thank you

  16. Maine Wills says:

    Great information my brother.

  17. caliph's world says:

    May I get in tune with you brother #mentor

  18. Earl Langham Jr says:

    That is true tAxes is not for employee and people. Only employers go read IRS publication 515

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