Stop Adding Tradelines to Boost Credit Score | 🔴 LIVE Credit Repair Tips

Adding Tradelines to Boost Credit Score is not the most effective way to fix your credit. Check out more credit repair tips here 👉🏾

▶️Video Summary –
Many people buy tradelines or add primary tradelines like secured credit cards or self lenders loans in the hopes that adding these tradelines will boost their credit score. Unfortunately, though, this is usually not the best use of time if you are in the credit repair phase.
Adding tradelines to boost credit score is a fantastic idea for someone that has no credit score, or a thin credit file.
But for someone that already has a credit history that is full of negative information, other options would result in increases score like pay for delete, paying collections, paying late payments or even paying down debt. This is because these tactics cover the most impactful parts of a credit score which are:

1️⃣Payment History
2️⃣Amount Owed

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  1. Michael Hauser says:

    No I don't have any negatives on reports.

  2. Michael Hauser says:

    I have a 816 fico 9 score I can't get anything..nothing but denials.

  3. Kingdom Credit Masters Mastermind Group says:

    When I saw the title, I was like say what. But listening to your video, you are 100% right. Great info and great content.

  4. larry lucas says:

    How long do charge-offs stay on your credit? What is the best way to get them deleted without hurting my score anymore? Thanks for your time!

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