STIMULUS: DENIED SBA Loan – GET APPROVED! How to Get Approval with a Low Credit Score BAD SCORE 500s

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Has the Small Business Administration denied your loan application?

We’re focusing on the SBA’s Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program, with a focus on PPP in a different video. The principles however could help you with a PPP loan. There are still PPP funds available.

The SBA form you need to complete to request a reconsideration and where to send it and follow up are included in this video.

More details with update and form from August 6th:

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21 Responses

  1. Aicha Benkenane says:

    It’s work with score 585 can I get approve?

  2. BlackHat Chic says:

    This is Bullshit… time we will never get back

  3. carla evans says:

    Found it TY

  4. carla evans says:

    Hi, TY for your valuable Infro. Where do U get the reconsideration form for a Co-borrower. Need to fillout. TY

  5. Quadri Babajide Babatunde says:

    How do I apply for an SBA loan with a low credit scores

  6. Joseph Mendivil says:

    What is a co-bar

  7. Miss Nunya says:

    What if I have bad credit, an open bankruptcy, and my co borrower has a 580….will I be approved more than likely?

  8. Smith Good says:

    thank you so much for this video! anyone else who needs help can get the link from my page

  9. Aryan Khan says:

    I spoke to sba last week they told me , new rules you cannot get co signer

  10. Raquel says:

    There was a guy name Paul in this video – saying he can help people get the loan approved, be careful its a SCAM!!! he deleted the comment from what I can see. first they ask for $100 in Cash App – then $150 — then another guy texts; saying to send another $50 – They ask for birthdays instead of the loan # application. I didnt submit personal information. I wanted to see how far they went. Don't fall for SCAMS like this.

  11. Jordan Cann says:

    I have a good credit score and still got denied!!!

  12. Michelle Ribalta says:

    I applied with a small business and I was turned down because my credit score.

  13. moosaleene7 Superserious says:

  14. Kelly Laney says:

    So the coborrower has to be a part owner of the business?

  15. Together Every1 Achieves More #TEAM says:

    #TogetherEvery1AchievesMore T.E.A.M!

  16. Johnnie Parrish says:

    question- If someone as already been approved and got the EIDL Loan can they be a co borrower for someone else?

  17. Jamal Armstrong says:

    So do I need a credit score of 570 minimum to be approved?

  18. Muhammad Asif says:

    can someone plz tell me how to attached , after filing up this form and save it wont save with writing information .

  19. dean lawini says:

    awesome great idea!!! for loan denials

  20. Zarka ZX says:

    How do we get that form

  21. Shehab Eldien says:

    very helpful thank you so much

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