Squid Game – SNL

A group of men (Rami Malek, Big Wet, Pete Davidson) perform a song about risking it all for a cash prize.

Check out Turn Up On the Weekend by Branchez & Big Wet:

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32 Responses

  1. an1me graphics says:

    rami malek from being a notorious hacker hacking e corp to a cowboy with da boots

  2. Evan Doherty says:


  3. Awesome Entertainment says:

    Content like this makes people want to fucking throw up wtaf is this shit please can you just like take a step back and realise this just trash.

  4. ZProdigy 101 says:

    Let’s home that am actual American version actually come out with American games like Simon says that would be interesting.

  5. jess says:

    I am so intrigued yet happy.

  6. Mijin Civilization says:


  7. Tarik Kovacevic says:

    Front man does look like dr doom

  8. Warboy says:

    Am I the only who haven't seen squid game yet?

  9. Munka _ says:

    SNL has fallen off, and it's not hard to see why

  10. Tatyana Salas says:

    Why country?

  11. milkman says:

    rami ages like a fine ass wine holy shit

  12. milkman says:

    so rami is deok su? how fitting.

  13. Neu Trino says:

    "bet it on the Jets" got me bwahahahahahaha! – Tom

  14. Frank Secreto says:


  15. Jessica Bain says:

    The way Rami says “room”.

  16. seiom jvony says:

    cliches and bro-country signifiers. So not only are they parodying two different things at once, they got the actual artist to come and be part of the parody of his song.

  17. Kaculik91 says:

    How come songs where Pete is are so good?!

  18. Newsman says:

    A parody song makes it much less funny.

  19. Mr_Slasher508 says:

    This is awesome

  20. Doo doo Fart says:

    this was so painfully unfunny

  21. Overman says:

    Should have got Larry David to play 001.

  22. Crystal Clear Films says:

    literally one of the best things snl has made in ages

  23. X-Phacier says:


  24. The Bane of your existence. says:

    Pete is about as funny as piles.

  25. Chocolate Thunda says:

    I clicked when I saw the protagonist of Bohemian Rhapsody

  26. MissPandaButt says:

    This shit had me dying

  27. Mongo says:

    The music is so shitty though

  28. eric l says:


  29. 13VoRoN37 TV says:

    смех дибильный лишний

  30. 우쮸쮸 says:

    무궁화 꽃이 피었습니다~

  31. Shadow Grunt Jack says:

    Les go broncos!!!

  32. KrtvMndz says:

    This show went downhill

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