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Topics in this episode include:
🗣London Housing Market
🗣New Neighbours

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30 Responses

  1. Emmanuel Oyelese says:

    14:29 Where/Wear your gown!

  2. Emmanuel Oyelese says:

    12:03 Faaaaaam

  3. Emmanuel Oyelese says:

    Fred just tryna an individual

  4. Amber says:

    Na squid game was shit.

  5. Esther X says:

    I feel like Fred just love to say things are over rated when things are hype just to be different

  6. Abena K says:

    Fred is moving mad… just not enjoying Squid game for the sake of it

  7. King The Queen says:

    Squid Game aint overrated. Peepz just be doing the mostest. Im glad it's getting cloud.

  8. Seven Ellen says:

    The question is not "HOW are they going to die"! The question is "Why should we, the audience, CARE if these people die?" They're cartoonish, fake, over-the-top, and they've been kidnapped by cartoonish, over-the-top villains who only started the games in the first place because they got too rich and too bored. That is shallow, self-indulgent TRIPE, masquerading as social commentary.

  9. Bassah Aiddo-Mensah says:

    Squid game was soooo underwhelming and overrated

  10. R Ash says:

    Hit me up if you want to stream all the latest movies and shows also live tv and ppv on the fire stick

  11. larry Campbell says:

    I love that you guys are doing the podcast without your shoes on I wish you guys would do it more often it just seems way more relaxed

  12. ImThatGuy says:

    Nah there’s always one that like to go against the grain. This ain’t it king.

  13. Sheila Matondo says:

    VP needs to name the app that connects the IPad to the TV

  14. Yim Yams says:

    nah if you think Bird Box better than Squid Game, you gotta be on drugs. Bird Box was ass

  15. queenirmamay says:

    Not watching it protecting my spirit

  16. CHICCO says:


  17. Diah : - / says:

    I’m not even gonna watch but this is cap

  18. C Mills says:

    Lol Fred is against everything

  19. Vince Scott says:

    When Fred talks about films and shows lm taking it as waffle now. Squid game was done well if you don’t mind reading subtitles and taking in what’s happening. He wanted to end on the game lol he clearly didn’t care about any character mate they had to tie loose ends. But Fred might be trolling and doing clickbait. No hate for the 90’s shows just an opinion.

  20. TheChickenwing100 says:

    Fred wants to watch Takeshis Castle not a proper TV series

  21. Super Saiyan Sage Mode says:

    That girl in squid games is meedy af, dunno why everyone is gassing her

  22. D Magic says:

    Squid game defo not overrated loool, highly intricate storyline with an overarching warning on the dangers of capitalism + the fact the protagonist is slightly morally corrupt makes him more relatable

  23. Bradley M says:

    VP share the name of that app please brother

  24. K says:

    What’s the app for your iPad u mentioned VP?

  25. Destiney C says:

    Another foreshadow was when Gi-Hun swore on his mums life. Then when he comes out the game. His mum dies

  26. Abayomi Onakoya says:

    This dude in the white is amazingly and beautifully D.U.M.B, how the hell is a podcaster or someone that has an opinion????

  27. Nightstark says:

    Fred hating for the sake of it. But they'll big up some mid film like Shang chi smh im hating too

  28. Love Loss says:

    Fred is such a contrarian lmaoooooo. That’s basically his personality.

  29. David Ade says:

    I feel fred on the looking at houses online and looks good outside and inside looks trash.

    Also lads barking is a perfect investment opportunity. House prices cheap they fixing the area they have the Elizabeth line. I’m few years house prices will increase.

  30. The Alkebulan Trust says:

    Facts or major facts?…most people are bored and want something different and have sheepish behaviour. If more people say something is good they'll have no mind of their own to form their own individual opinion and those that do form their own opinion get called a hater if it is completely different to many others.

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