Spraying all the DA's body panels!

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37 Responses

  1. Moo Moo Cows Poo says:

    What is that colour code? i'm loving it

  2. Jason Cooper says:

    I'm not even a Honda guy. The reason I started watching your channel originally was general auto body and paint. The reason I stayed is because of your father/son relationship. We need more fathers who spend time with their kids. You are doing a great job bro.

  3. timothy2182 says:

    I like the pov of the painting but you should of just overlayed some dmca free music when you were spraying the car parts down. Just a thought otherwise great work and did learn alot.

  4. Travis Combs says:

    Dam da looking good even thow u were just painting body parts for the da . Thanks for another great video

  5. Jalen Afu says:

    I’ve noticed a lot of da9 have dents in the front fenders in the same areas

  6. drewster956 says:

    Anyone else stuck on low quality for this vid

  7. Daven Dawson says:


  8. Mike Banks says:

    Invest in a good kobalt 3 phase compressor I love mine so much it's the best for spraying like you do and 2 ppl can spray all day long n always keep equal pressure it's the shit. If you lived closer I'd sell you mine #DBFAM4EVER

  9. Justin White says:

    Hey bro I have a fresh bumper with lights it's black no paint how can I send it to you

  10. Quinton says:

    that 360p life lol

  11. WAIT4IT says:

    Sheeeeeeeah finally thank you bro for putting in that work on the DA you see my boy get paint in every little area…

  12. Da Buzz says:

    Braven is lucky to have a Dad like you that cares about his first car being "fresh" and putting in untold hours on the car to get it done!

  13. Dallas Texas rc crawlers says:

    Parts are out there most people are to cheap to pay for them I sell lots of DA parts on Facebook

  14. Joe Anthony says:

    Why are the videos in 360p?

  15. flatman09 says:

    360p? nah



  17. james Yager jr says:

    Crazy when I found you braven was so small lollll sorry about my spelling not sure if that's the way

  18. Andy Yang says:

    Woke up to fix on the BRZ k24A and video pop up great timing bro

  19. eric Hopkins says:

    Need to get some spot buddy so when you run into a small dent after primer you don't have to have as aggressive sand scratch for it to stick like bondo needs

  20. Jr. Triplett says:

    Looking pretty DOPE sir

  21. Adam Dalglish says:

    Rock auto…. brother check that out bro for all your car's

  22. Fume says:

    is my shit tripping or does it actually not go past 360p quality ?

  23. shane only says:

    watching these is therapeutic for me

  24. chubbz cornner says:

    Good shit that paint lays down great

  25. Scott Doubleyou says:

    Just my personal preference, but the door handles would look better in black.
    Still, you're an artist, and even though you say you hate bodywork, you're really damn good at it.

  26. Sandy Flores says:

    by the way keep your videos coming out, I'm always looking for the new one

  27. Sandy Flores says:

    I use my girls phone to leave comments. I'm Rick, it's cool to see you and ur son working together on Honda's. i wish I could re live my days when my dad and I work tgether on our camaro' s.

  28. Plain Performance says:

    am i the only one that only has 360p?

  29. Alien says:

    So stoked on the DA build… its gonna be clean AF!

  30. Bowties Ain't Just For Boys Craftswoman says:

    This channel made me love Hondas not more than Toys but I can appreciate them

  31. David Roark says:

    What’s going on with the video quality brotha

  32. moparlife _ says:

    Paint my car fohh

  33. Op1 zilla says:

    Paint is Fresh as Fuck, good joby, ggz

  34. Ordinary drummer says:

    Bro props I know it was a bitch video recording in the left hand paint gun in the right hand very nice homie !

  35. Devian Jones says:

    I love seeing the progress on it and can’t wait for him to join the integra gang your doing a really great job at fixing it bravenwill really enjoy the outcome


    The da build is exciting to watch get closer to being done! I hope the car makes decent power as well when it gets tuned, those f20b’s are really good platforms to make n/a power, they already come with an 11.0:1 compression, take advantage of that with some nice decent cams, ported head, ported intake manifold, bigger throttle body, 3” intake, big tube header, and 3” exhaust, you’ll see some nice fucking numbers

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