Someone Dead Ruined My Life… Again.

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20 Responses

  1. Sunitha Siddula says:

    I want to be Bonnie Bees and top chicken

  2. Skasae the Red says:

    One of the best Videos you have ever made.

  3. EV Ranch says:

    You're a legend to all of us with ADHD who chase the squirrels. You, sir, are a squirrel catcher.

  4. luke ford says:

    I love this stuff

  5. Gregory Anderson says:

    Bro… You gotta make more vids like this

  6. Batfan1939 says:

    Please do a video on the Toledo War, exactly the kind of random historical trivia you excel at!

  7. Maxi! says:

    I really need to applaud to this work of art

  8. Paul Dzhugostran says:

    The loud crime spectroscopically explain because ceiling admittedly wrap about a combative hygienic. powerful, materialistic fact

  9. know1knowsU says:

    Holy $hiz 3 million + views in a month or so yeah you knocked this one out of the park! Even though most videos grey makes are for a far more educated crowd, I still watch and enjoy them.

  10. Rina Ri says:

    every time I see this video recommended for me I watch it. It's so entertaining I can't help it 😀

  11. Adriel Orteu Portocarrero says:

    We love you grey

  12. Galaxis says:

    So, any time anyone says anything that could be considered a historical factoid, feel free to respond with, "HA!" because you'd probably be right. But then it is all too easy to forget that and just believe the next thing you hear.

  13. Zodiac System says:

    As someone who works with deities I swear I just heard half of Olympus say "yes we enjoyed watching the journey." lmao

  14. Adventurous Whisper says:

    This is beautiful

  15. Dawn Rays says:

    NGL, I had a blast listening to the slanderous burn battle Between Hearne and Pope. Legitimately funny.

  16. gizzy guzzi says:

    Wow. Grey takes going down the rabbit hole to a whole new level. Investigating meaningless minutia with determination and true grit. And yet, here I am watching the entire video as I prepare to go watch the entire series. Suddenly I feel like his quest is much more worthwhile than mine.

  17. Annie Holt says:

    still here but you need meds … just sayin

  18. x3mofile says:

    Nothing of value? What about the twenty plus minutes of empahty I felt.

  19. Juniper says:

    grey seems like the kinda person to have a whale of a time in the Wanderer's Library

  20. CGP Grey says:

    Thank you so much to all the Bonnie Bees, I couldn't do this without you:

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