Social Security Benefits for Minor Dependents

6th video in the Social Security series. Mark Smith discusses benefits for minor dependents. These are less common situations, many of which happen under stressful circumstances, making them easy to overlook.

This video highlights the keys to eligibility for these benefits and (you guessed it) how they have to be coordinated with either the worker’s or primary care giver’s benefits.


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16 Responses

  1. Roberto Jimenez says:

    As a parent does it affect my taxes that I get in the end of the year if my 16 year old son works?

  2. Liz I. says:

    I'm pretty sure my mom took the social security benefits my siblings and I wanted to use for getting our licenses when we were 16 and 14 when my dad died. She went on vacations and said she needed the money for bills but we really needed that money for ourselves. She kept it all. Is there any way we can retroactively collect or somehow get her to pay us for the thousands she got on our behalf or can parents of minors take all the social security benefits and never dispurse anyto the child it is in name for? Thank you

  3. Nomos Nomosowicz says:

    why do you have ads on your videos??

  4. marilyn shanks says:

    Can a child with a with a disability getting benefits from a deceased Parent can they also receive social security for themselves. Are they allowed to draw social security from their deceased parents and a social security for themselves and other words are they allowed to get both benefits. Would be very helpful to know

  5. Joe Cima says:

    I am a victim of WEP or the Windfall Elimination Provision. Does that affect my children's benefits.

  6. Hi Bye says:

    My wife is disabled and we have 3 kids
    Do the 150% limit applied to all 5 of us?

  7. Mark Spalding says:

    We got a letter from SSA, regarding our under 18 child who was receiving survivor benefits that we are to pay back to SSA any "saved money from the checks" This is very disturbing, almost seems like fraud like a letter. Is this valid?

  8. Notnelc8 Quil says:

    I retired recently at 62 and I have 2 kids ages 7 and 4 yrs of age. They both look lives in our house w my wife still working. My question is there any benefit they can get. I’m not disabled I just retired at 62

  9. Les Morosi says:

    Question:  Retired US citizen (age 62) has a child born outside the US (Philippines).  Is that child eligible for social security benefits?

  10. Rachael Reid says:

    Can I get an answer on this….when I apply and has an appt to try and get. (I have all the paper work and all) the father and i was never married. Will they give me a direct answer once I attend?

  11. Tanisha Prince says:

    If I get ssdi and my 3 kids get money as well, when 1 of them gets dropped off because of age, will the other kids benefits go up to compensate the dropped child or will they only continue to get what they been getting

  12. L S says:

    I’m on SSDI. Can my husband receive money to help with the care of the children. Husband is 58 and retired.

  13. Eddy Brown says:

    What if the 18 year old dont go to school..? But is enrolled but never goes.. Knowing hes cutting class just to keep getting benifits.. He comitting fraud right..?

  14. Just Surive to Live says:


  15. Rosa Garcia says:

    I'm reciving SSI disability are my miner children in title to receive benefit too?

  16. Laurel N Jones says:

    I've been on SSI since I was 19 my father passed away I no longer get SSI I am on his Social Security is my daughter 7 years old eligible to get benefits?

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