SMITE Pro League: Phase 3 Week 6 Oni Warriors vs Solar Scarabs

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14 Responses

  1. Android 17 says:

    Prioritizing qvofred’s serqet over nika mulan was a mistake

  2. Darian Bentley says:

    Production slacking on the candles!

  3. Dom889 says:

    Stuart looks like Jimmy Butlers younger brother lol

  4. Blaine Fiasco says:

    So is the way vote speaks normal for his region or whatever or is he just poorly spoken.
    I can never understand what he's saying.

  5. LukeTheDude says:

    Here is a more fast paced version of the match

    It also has time stamps for each game 🙂

  6. Fabian Perez says:

    What happened to zapman??

  7. Duke says:

    Vote: Charb isn't that good

    Boronic: Imma end this mans whole career

  8. Jason Looman says:

    What a fun set to watch! Aggro’s mind melting on the desk was definitely the highlight for me.

  9. Joshua Jose says:

    fire set

  10. Samip Gurung says:

    I am not trying to be offensive and I know it doesn't matter but my curiousity got better of me, is Stuart the first black player?

  11. Dark Spirit says:

    3:52:57 is the best

  12. Mr. Egotastic says:

    Should be some kind of penalty for all the remakes.

  13. Cursed Steve says:

    This set was amazing but my favorite part is Aggro's mind melting by the picks and bans.

  14. Crazy3210 says:

    5:33 LMAO damn vote about to eat those words homie

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