Sleeping with the Enemy? Narcissists and Cybersecurity Q & A with special guest Rick Jordan

Are you worried you might be a victim of a narcissist’s cybercrime? Are they breaking into your computers or hacking into your email? How do they track you or trace you? What equipment can they use? Rick Jordan, former CIA cybersecurity specialist is going into all of this in this episode including:

– how to protect yourself from cyberhacking

– how to know if you’ve been hacked

– what to do about if you have been

– everything narcissists and cybersecurity

Mark your calendars to join us live and ask Rick all your questions. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
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27 Responses

  1. Smile Mor-phony says:

    Phones were designed to track you & collect every piece of your data to sell or be used against you at a later date. I wouldn't own a smart phone if it was free. You people must really love your radiation treatments. 'US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: "I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole.' Sounds an awful lot like narcissistic behavior to me. When Pompeo makes statements like that publicly, how am I expected to believe what Rick here is saying? I don't.

  2. Patrice Howard says:

    Rebecca Zung is a person who collects information about strangers to defame them to promote herself. Its amazing she is here talking about cybercrime when she exploits strangers using the internet. This lady is a pathogical liar, fraud, thief, and abuser.

  3. Brookelynne Bridge says:

    Omg..this just happened..I bought a new phone ..and during setup it told me that another device was logged into my email…explained everything..

    Orlando FL

  4. Tlee O says:

    Thank you, very informative!

  5. Alysia Hite says:

    Lisa from Xenia, Ohio

  6. Michael Kay says:

    Be -lated ,,,love the video thank you. !!!, semper fi God bless you

  7. Robin says:

    i had to leave your private facebook group, Rebecca, too many jesus freaks who think their religious beliefs can cure it

  8. Debra Enard says:

    From Lafayette, La

  9. Sarah Fulcher says:


  10. Rebecca H says:

    I'm going to listen to this again !!! Thank you so very much!! Rick Jordan

  11. Debra Hamlin says:

    Your title caught my eye.. when I saw that movie it freaked me out because that abusive husband was just like mine..

  12. Goldilocks says:

    Not the USA lol – Rick does someone need physical access to your phone to hack it or can it be hacked remotely?

  13. Carmen Gomez says:

    They say it not Good idea the frequency and the wife it could Damages your Body

  14. Phillip Rochester says:

    What are legal channels to punish an ex and stop them from hacking, tracking, cyber-stalking, email hacking, cell hacking, etc ? I’ve noticed things on my phone like ONLY her calls being deleted this past week.

  15. Rose says:


  16. Marina Nabutovskiy says:

    Thank you

  17. Paul Smith says:

    Rebecca…There is 2 sides to this. Look at it from the other side….. Sincerely, without the technical knowledge I have, I would have never known about the affairs, I would have never been able to hear a conversation how "they" planned to kill me, and THANK GOD….my two beautiful children are safely with me 24/7… I would love to tell my story……

  18. Shaun says:

    yeah – so the ex sprint employee definitely was doing weird things tracking my device and my activities from his administrative level control of our joint account. cloned sim? Since shut down. hello from ohio.

  19. Sea Bee says:

    Thank you Rebecca.
    I appreciate this conversation and your special guest.
    Very informative.

  20. Shelly r Hazeleur says:

    Hi everyone

  21. Dan bride says:

    California (Santa Cruz)

  22. Paul Smith says:

    Be carefull of the Drama queens, these "cluster b's" just love the attention and drama……so in all honesty the first questions seems to feed this……THERE IS A RESET SWITCH ON A ROUTER!

  23. Robin A. Disotell says:

    listening in Germany

  24. Beautiful BluLotuss tarot LLC says:

    Gaithersburg Maryland

  25. December Lotus says:

    Thank you

  26. Shelley G. says:

    Thank you for hosting Mr. Jordan. Some of us are "older" generation, low-tech folk learning from the school of hard knocks. I am navigating a divorce from a narc. who works in high tech. He speaks "over my head," with condescending overtones.

  27. ISeeThroughYou says:

    Wow. Perfect timing

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