Skeletons in your Closet – Part 2

Session 3: Uta Allers
Uta is a native German and English speaker who has expertise and provides services in translating and transcribing documents from World War I and II, German and Jewish veterans, survivors and family histories that are written in regular and old German Scripts. Her work includes translating interviews for the US Holocaust Museum, translating books by Holocaust Survivors and archival documents dating from the 1700s.
Ms. Allers will present a briefing on the history of the Old German language and the type of documents you may encounter.

Session 4: Christopher Smithson
Chris Smithson is a native Marylander and a current resident of Baltimore, Maryland. He started doing genealogy research at the early age of 8 and has continued for over 30 years. He is active in several lineage societies as well as several local historical and genealogical societies.
Mr. Smithson will present “My Ancestors Lied” an entertaining lesson on the fact that our forefathers often twisted the truth and his experiences with these discoveries.


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