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  1. Hayden Graham says:

    Go Dawgs!!

  2. Patricia Jenkins says:

    Just wait until the government takes complete control of credit scores and bureaus. I can't even imagine the mess. And honestly the current credit system is not that hard to get at all as long as your IQ is not below room temperature. If you really can't get it and aren't responsible enough to make it work, nobody should be lending you money anyways but try to reach out to Anonymoussolutionx . O rg to fix your credit report and get best things for yourself…

  3. Amanda Stumbaugh says:

    Credit is a scam in a lot of ways!! We’re rebuilding my husband’s credit and if you dispute it still goes to the company with the debtor and they have the choice to accept the dispute or not. The only way to get them off is if they don’t have your updated info. We’re paying for deletion on his accounts to make his credit jump up higher! We are trying to buy a home in a short period of time!

  4. Kelz says:

    I owed chase 60k 2 years ago – I am fixing my credit(sent debt validation letters to collectors) now chase sent me a letter to settle the debt for $6k ?? Ur thoughts??

  5. CaShMoney4U says:

    Should I use this deletion letter for an account that’s still open but has late fees they are wanting to settle

  6. amelia hill says:

    My credit score is at 795 currently. I'm currently in the game and I'm so so happy and grateful to the authentic trustworthy elite credit service from SolutionXHack. One week in and I can 12 items have been removed,including my student loans and inquiries….I cant wait to see the bankruptcy disappear and see my score skyrocket.. Im grateful for the great honest repair service SolutionX render to me and I recommend to everyone to who need helps with their credit problems too …if you wish to have yours fixed too send your email to fixxhackxspy @ gmail . Com and dont forget to thank me too

  7. Edward T. says:

    On the settlements how do I get a letter of delete? I make an arrangement with them tell them to send me the letter and then I’ll pay them? Then I send the letter to the credit bureau?

  8. Timothy Garcia says:

    One of the quickest and safest way is to hire a professional credit score specialist who can lawfully and economically re-establish your credit score and remove negative items and Repo. I was able to employ ( who helped me erase all bad items permanently. He was also able to remove damaging items like evictions and foreclosures from my credit file! He can provide ethical, powerful, and affordable credit repair service. Right now I have an excellent score grade and all my credit debts have been wiped off. Get on your way to strong credit again

  9. Arnold Robertson says:

    I’m so happy I finally got out of severe student and medical debt, Thanks to Albert. Call him on +1 3 1 0 9 8 6 2 3 2 1 … I’m so relieved! And now I can plan my life better.

  10. Davena Morris’s says:

    I really contacted Scotthack9_5 on Instagram because I read so many comments about the dude. Fortunately he did a great work to my satisfactory. He gave me his WhatsApp +1(973)798-8788

  11. Tee Cyber says:

    Remove evictions, hard inquiries and all negative items with the expertise of wwwHiltoecyberservicescom

  12. laura chamberlain says:

    Should I dispute a closed account that has a zero balance with all payments are ontime? I called the bank and they said it didn't' exist. It looks good but it is closed account. is a good closed account putting ding in my account?

  13. Kaitlyn Griffin says:

    Can you dispute it if you actually owe them the money though? Like I know I didn’t pay my credit card off when I was 18 I KNOW it’s my fault that I owe them this money. So should I still dispute? Or should I go ahead and pay to delete??

  14. Jimmy Lee says:

    This has great info and good comments from everyone as well. One thing was left out though Credit card companies such as AMEX and Chase are much more difficult now they do there own collections and they will BLACKLIST you with for future cards. After disputing they sent me a package of every transaction that I made. I was shocked, and impress so I made arrangements with AMEX. Still trying work on Chase.

  15. Afghan Trucker says:

    I like how you didn't put a famous ugly chick on blast…lol. Like the opposite of a Halle Berry. Says lot about your character. Can I hire you???lol.

  16. Aigne French says:

    I just tried to “pay for deletion” on a 5 year old charge off cc account(opened 2015) the first rep(originator debut collector) said that they cannot remove it, it would take 7-10 years(i am assuming from the account opened)So I hung up and called back to think. The second rep suggested to me that I can settle and pay half of the debt and be done with it today due to CA statue of limitations and it being an older account. I was so confused because I actually just wanted to pay it off in full in 2 payments. I am hoping this account falls off my report in September ‘22. I don’t have any major things I want to apply for since I am still working on paying student loans. I am hoping I did the right thing.

  17. Stanley Warren says:

    I fixed my bad credit report with the help of a credit repair specialist at Credit Patch-Up LLC who I was referred to by my colleague, they helped me improve my bad credit and erased all the negative items affecting my score negatively. I now score an excellent 780's across all 3 major bureaus all thanks to Michael Gibbs. Feel free to reach out to him for help at [] for excellent credit score .

  18. Shahid Mansoor says:

    Just have one collection of 450 on my credit.plz help me what I do

  19. C Shaw says:

    Yaaaaaaay!!! I'm a Bulldog tooo!!

  20. MrSehka77 says:

    Hi , I have a question see if u can help me out ,I have small collection account 450 from a credit card after 1-2 years years was removed from my credit , 2 years later I get a credit card from them again the had sold debt to collection agency as soon as I open credit card with them they notified collection agency which they put on my credit and damaged it only $450 been trying to get resolve dont no what to do , just settle for less or pay in full.and have them remove credit or is their something else I can do

  21. SoyRaRis Productions says:

    I'm a debt collector phone for a call center, collections agency. The best info I can give you is to negotiate as much as possible. We earn based on amount collected, try these lyrics. Hey Bob I really want to pay you this debt today, what's the lowest you cna go and I will pay this today, if they give you an amount, and you think their bluffing just say, no I can't, I'll try again with whoever calls me next, guaranteed they will give you the lowest amount, settlement possible.

  22. Ro Calderon says:

    I’m sorry but I really don’t care about your background! Get to the point!

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