Sheriff: Miya Marcano's hands, feet and mouth bound with duct-tape when found dead

As investigators continue to search for answers in the case of Miya Marcano, new details on how the 19-year-old Florida college student was found that heartbreaking Saturday morning surfaced during a Wednesday news conference.

Orange County Sheriff John Mina said the 19-year-old was discovered in a wooded area near the Tymbar Skan apartments bound with duct tape around her wrists, feet and mouth.
Marcano was wearing jeans, a bra and no shirt, the sheriff added. Her shirt that was missing was later discovered in her purse when deputies were able to track down her belongings, which were also in the area.

Based on the investigation’s findings so far, Mina said there were no signs that Marcano suffered from any sexual abuse before her death.

Wednesday’s news conference was called following the emergence of cell phone video the Marcano family released. It captures an encounter with Armanda Caballero, the maintenance worker at the apartment complex where Marcano lived and worked. It shows the sole person of interest in the missing case.




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24 Responses

  1. Beautiful Jewish Girl says:

    This sherif sucks. Poor beautiful girl AND WHY ARE THERE ANY DOWNVOTES ON HERE? Somebody happy she was killed? You sickos!!

  2. Norine Holland says:

    Mr Sheriff, At the time Miyas family called at 4:30am, YOU HAD NO IDEA IF MIYA WAS.ALIVE.OR.DEAD. SHE COULD EASILY HAVE BEEN LOCKED IN HIS APARTMENT OR TRUNK. So you just.ignore it until.daytime? A barricaded apt door is NOT.EVIDENCE? You let an innocent roommate enter an apt that could still contain a perp and contaminate the window evidence? Come on man….

  3. Anila Sharma says:

    Officers says they cannot detain on somebody's say so? Really ? Yet officers shoot people without any permission or valid reasons , when a member of community is reporting a missing person they should have jumped on it . Rambling on and on . it sounds unprofessional.

  4. HolyLand Fan says:

    The one to put blame on, besides demon man, would be the apt complex if she reported harassment. If she did, it should have been looked into further, he fired, and his pass codes removed from their system.

  5. JOSHUA NOYOLA says:

    At least he didn't rape her.

  6. Max Bang says:

    Dear Lord, that poor beautiful girl. So sorry to hear these details. Such evil will never win.

  7. Summer Fragrance says:

    Do they have pictures?

  8. Shameli T. Parsad Dukhoo says:

    This is so horrible and the apartment managers/personnel should be held partly responsible. May she rest in peace

  9. Butterfly Soul says:

    How can they be so sure he acted alone? Smh this is just so sad!

  10. E R says:

    Ugh, Mina your answers were so vague and of no help! You seem to be bothered being there! Marcano et el family PLEASE SUE ORANGE COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE & THE APARTMENT SHE WORKED IN! This case is sad and wasn't taken seriously! SMFH

  11. Samantha Sweets says:


  12. Samantha Sweets says:

    I guess it was if I can’t have you nobody can Seeing how he was so obsessed with her

  13. Samantha Sweets says:

    She had a dresser blocking her bedroom door and nothing was wrong? With that scene

  14. Samantha Sweets says:

    Not a sexual assault wtf??? Wat was this mans motive???

  15. Jus says:

    This Sheriff is not fit to lead the Orange County sheriff’s office! He shows absolutely NO empathy and sums it up as just another killing. He’s defending his deputies actions when in fact the deputy did not do a good job of questioning the would be suspect. Orange County has a long history of racism and it’s more clear that this Sheriff is not by a long shot interested in bringing answers to this families questions. Listen to his vague replies and the lack of emotion when speaking on Miya! THIS SHERIFF HAS TO GO

  16. Goldheart says:

    I like it when the perps save the tax payers by offing themselves!! Adios

  17. Tall Walls says:

    He’s trying, but just does not have Grady Judds stage presence…good try though. Go Grady!

  18. ank ank says:

    Scratches and bruises don't have enough just cause?!?!?!?!!? Ughhh those whole thing and that poor family….. they did all the policing.

  19. ank ank says:

    These officers failed that young lady!!!! Honestly need to be sued. They haven't done much. They just avoid the questions

  20. ank ank says:

    Why is he gasping after every sentence super annoying.

  21. Shirley Allen says:

    He don't show emotions at all.

  22. Brianna Daylon says:

    Circumstantial evidence was there….

  23. Pretty Face says:

    This deputy doesn't care clearly you can tell by the way he is talking

  24. Brooklyn Headline says:

    The sheriff did NOT answer the question the reporter asked about "signs of a struggle in the apartment " and why didn't cops act on that. He responded and said "the report commented how clean her apartment was etc". ,but we now know when they initially entered her apartment a dresser was against the door, blood on the pillow and signs of a struggle. He completely wiggled around that question.

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