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Spoilers ahead!

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Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021) ends with TWO post-credit scenes, featuring Wong bringing Shang-Chi and Katy back to the Sanctum Sanctorum to meet with (one final spoiler warning here)… Hulk Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) and Captain Marvel Carol Danvers (Brie Larson), revealing that the rings contain a mysterious beacon! Who is this beacon summoning? Why is Bruce Banner back in human form after appearing as Smart Hulk in Avengers Endgame? Erik Voss breaks down the Shang-Chi ending and both post-credit scenes, including Xialing’s secret plans for the Ten Rings and what’s next for the organization. How did Wong meet Abomination? And what is the mega soul-sucker monster, exactly?

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Brendan Langdon
Cody Anderson
Dan Woodson
Karen Wang
O. Grometto
Pony Stark
Rick Denmon

Producer: Erik Voss
Producer: Zach Huddleston
Producer: Brandon Barrick
Writer: Erik Voss
Writer/Host: MasterTainment
NRDS Chief Creative Officer: Filup Molina
Post Production Supervisor: John Costa, Riley Auskelis
Staff Editors: Joshua Steven Hurd, Drew Coombs
Editors: Aaron Carrión, John Costa


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43 Responses

  1. usmannaeem says:

    Kevin Feigi did express worry that the delayed release will delay 10 projects related to Shang Chi. That's 10 related to kung fu theme, maybe.

  2. Zodiac Zone says:

    4:21 This reminds me of zOMG! From Gaiaonline.

  3. cvcbvex says:

    3:14 I’m so mad you didn’t say fly

  4. Vasudev Dehariya says:

    How does Wong know about Shang-Chi ??

  5. Erithryon says:

    what if the return of the ten rings is literally just a fighting game (nickelodeon all-stars brawl needs the competition lol)

  6. Mohymen Maytham says:

    Does it mean they're will be a pt 2???

  7. The Comedy Wibble says:

    Who else fast forwarded when he did the shoe advert in the middle of the video?

  8. Efren Millare says:

    I like how childish this movie is

  9. The Legend says:

    Awhhh no I really loved Carlos Danvers hair in Avengers endgame


    I really mean it

  10. Goop Man says:

    In some versions of the ten rings origins aliens created the rings and captain marvel is in space so maybe they got the message

  11. Sparky Minor says:

    Engagement engagement engagement

  12. 4ekeller says:

    What if Dormammu is the intelligent being that is the "Dweller in Darkness?"
    From Dark Dimension…
    Promised Kaecilius eternal life…
    …so maybe through ancient mystic artifacts[Darkhold/Ten Rings] he reaches out to those with the power to free him with promises of loved ones…
    There could be a connection there.

    I'd also be pretty stoked if the brains behind the Dweller in Darkness was no other than Annihilus.

  13. numbah one says:

    Damn, I can’t believe the writers messed up the hulk this bad. What a shame

  14. faccosh 264 says:

    wow… even more trash

  15. Felix says:


  16. RF V says:

    This is Marvel's way of portraying Chinese History, Culture, and Cinema. In doing so, expanding their own Universe.
    I like how they implement the Taijiquan (specifically Chen Style) to truly be The Grand Ultimate Fist.

  17. Nolan Pritchett says:

    Not just Shang who got brought into the avengers but Katy as well.

  18. ramla baaziz says:

    It was amazing

  19. Phoenix Baldwin says:

    So like contest of champions?

  20. Eric Calm says:

    Captain Planet?

  21. morningstar says:

    what about xialing joining the anti avengers team?

  22. Sebastian Arias says:

    cap. marvel looks hotter

  23. Ron Mosely says:

    Nyalarhotep was originally from Anton Wilson's Illuminatus trilogy.

  24. The Victor Nation says:


  25. sanquis says:

    or it could be ti fight betewwen to 7 cites

  26. Damien Heaft says:

    i hope they meet the x men

  27. Frandalanesa Ruff says:

    Ohhhhh Abomination! From the Hulk

  28. Dante F says:

    Holy hell this movie blew me away!!! I think it was definitely top 5 material & top 3 for introductory solo flicks (aka first non-cross over film focused on one hero or a group like in the case of the guardians)

  29. Cryptonian says:


  30. ParaDemon147 says:

    Any link for blueray version of Shang chi?? Anyone, mind to mask it

  31. black mamba resix says:

    Those rings are own by galacticus the beacon is galacticus planet

  32. Cassie Stoddard says:

    I was really hoping dr. Strange was going to be there

  33. PotatoFlare says:

    how do you watch the end scenes, i watched the movie but left the theater without watching end credits 🙁

  34. Clemstep says:

    I did exactly what he did.

  35. Jojo Hackerz says:

    cant strange reverse the effect on his arm? If not we will be seeing hulk fight with only one hand which I don't want to see.

  36. LOVEinSNORLAX says:

    Do you guys think Shang chi is introduced to replace black panther position in the avengers???

  37. mr big says:

    Fin fang foom

  38. Tsilo says:

    The ten Rings tournament.That would be cool

  39. Sanki Creations says:

    Its so weird to see some Chinese guys filled in a Marvel movie. Just hard to digest with what we used to see.


    God dammit i just wanted to see the post credits

  41. Kevin Lane says:

    If there will be a big tournament, then it should be single-elimination tournament.And it will need to display a precise number of elimination, as was implied to be important in the Rifftrax of Double Dragon and the Rifftrax of Street Fighter. Each and every match will need to consist of only two contestants; no more, no less. Therefore, the number of contestants must be 2 to the power of X. For example, if it were 2 to the power of 7, then it would start with 128 contestants. And each round will divide that number by 2, so 128/2=64; 64/2=32; and so on until only two contestants remain. That would be the final round and the final match. And that is how a Single-Elimination Tournament works.

  42. Jonathan D says:

    Where to watch shang chi?

  43. New Rockstars says:

    Thanks again to Vessi! Click and use code NEWROCKSTARS to get $25 off of your Vessi shoes.

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