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  1. Guillermo Barajas says:

    Hi John my question is who do I settle my debt with?. Original creditor (charge off) or the new collections co. Thank you

  2. Davina Anderson says:

    Hi John, I have a question what if you've settled a dept they only agreed to update the account to paid but I would like it to be removed from my credit report what advice can you give me moving forward to have that account removed from my credit report?

  3. Mase Rhea says:

    You should only settle with the terms being and showing on your credit report as "paid as agreed."

  4. Max says:

    never settle with these bastards, lets go brandon

  5. dre dugan says:

    If you settled with the debt collection ageny whom took you to court and they removed it from your credit should the original debt/chargeoff be removed as well?

  6. Alex Chavez says:

    How many days does a creditor have to update your credit report?

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