Seriously, I Really Can Still See You.

From Wild West Hackin’ Fest 2018 in Deadwood, SD.
Presenter: Jonathan Ham

Jonathan is an independent consultant who specializes in large-scale enterprise security issues, from policy and procedure, through team selection and training, to implementing scalable prevention, detection, and response technologies and techniques. With a keen understanding of ROI and TCO (and an emphasis on real-world practice over products), he has helped his clients achieve greater success for over twenty years, advising in both the public and private sectors, from small startups to the Fortune 50, the U.S. Department of Defense across multiple engaged forces, and several other US federal agencies.

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4 Responses

  1. Sylar Gray says:

    im glad i watched this talk for the whole whoami i think
    ima watch meh logs for that now!

  2. LoganDark says:

    I don't trust any "expert" who uses Windows.

  3. John Meegan says:

    What's Rocket Surgery?

  4. nuclearlion says:

    poke me, I'll likely want a copy of that book

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