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Today we’re covering the order in which your credit dispute letters should be sent, as well as the key to deleting or correcting negative accounts with each type of dispute. If you would like to see if a credit sweep is a good fit, schedule your call with me at

Here’s the problem:
If you send a dispute letter to the credit bureau for a collection, you’re leaving out the biggest tactic for removing them, which is by sending a dispute letter to the collection agency directly! If you dispute with the collector first, they are less likely to mark the account as disputed, and now they are in violation.

If you dispute with the creditor first (for a charge-off, as an example), you won’t be covered by the rights under section 623 and won’t be able to sue them in the event they violate. You’ll want to dispute first with the credit bureaus and THEN with the creditor.

We will also cover the key to deletion of each dispute type and what you should NOT be doing with your letters.

If you’re doing a credit sweep, then these are some of the very important tactics you need to be familiar with to fix bad credit (such as how to write dispute letters that work and how to write a dispute letter to collection agencies), so watch this video til the end and let me know if you need more help!

As a side note:
When writing your letter to the collection agency directly, you CAN use a dispute letter template, but when sending a letter to the credit bureaus you want it to be factual almost 100% of the time. So, please be very careful with this so that you can learn how to repair bad credit the right way and get permanent results.


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