Senate Armed Services Committee Holds Hearing On Nominations

The Senate Armed Services Committee held a hearing on Tuesday on nominations.

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6 Responses

  1. Texas Girl 64 says:

    They are already acting like the fraudulent ones.

  2. Terry Sickels says:

    Im so sick of gov speaking & mics os low its whispers to we the people ,,,,,speak up or turn up the mics

  3. Giza Egypt says:

    The military by the compact of arms by the supreme superior standing order of the oath an honorable standing standard of old glory that constitutional duty to by central to the constitutional trust is a duty for life
    We are the culture ideology an political ideology by republic forme of constitutional Jurisprudence in military code. To by of an uphold trust constitutional trust against all foreign an domestic threat. We are a brotherhood an sisterhood a core family. The defense of the citizen an constitution by our powers of constitutional legal will of vote we will defend by our all we shall sever in ability ie blood bones life yes we a radical yes we are patriotic yes we love the constitutional republic of these states,.as so in honor by duty under oath as keepers of the constitution by amendment 2 in 1,3,4,5,6,7, of rights to articles of constitutional powers of the military compact of arms we train an maintain the Is Is Constitutional militia for the citizen national self preservation an preservation of the constitutional trust we are of the constitutional by the letters of intent of the framers lawful an constitutional as in standard of standing. . Not a violation of trust inseraction act ie a militant army by point of action to mission point action in assault to undermine interference Manipulation ie inseraction revolution against the constitutional trust ie violation of the military compact of arms. Democrat socialist Democrats communist Democrat an rhino are ie globalism. These by action an standard of ideology in equity of non equity an ism of group body politics as overseers in warfare ie violation of article 1 by 2 3,4 5,6,7, of charter of Congress action of election Fraud an electoral Fraud of violation of compact contract charter to undermine interference Manipulation the republic forme of constitutional Jurisprudence ie Fraud of oath isa violation of iron clad standard of standing in infringement is sadishon by violation of trust ie sadishon to .with by action of lawful espionage ie inseraction is by action to conspiracy to action of in public view to public records of action to office Fraud charter Fraud compact Fraud contract Fraud an Fraud of office an oath Fraud by inherit nature of legal violation to charter under legal counsel of republic forme of constitutional Jurisprudence to all action of election an office unde oath to standard of compact an contract of charter willful knowledge knowing intent to action of high treason. All ism ideology by political social economic an lawfare are a assault of the constitutional trust an unconstitutional in legal standing ie asometric Unconventional warfare to undermine interference Manipulation by a militant political group of inseractionist ie communist socialist globalist of socialism. A legal fact.

  4. donald mack says:

    we need defense against supersonic misses no one even one is speaking abought defense for the US wake up

  5. DJT says:

    WoW what are they lieing to u about Now ??? Good Military Men are leaving by
    CV Jab. Not A Federal Law !!! Military going to
    H LL !!!! Understand ???

  6. Ben Gray says:

    ASC should choose Commander in Chief. We don't need one that knows nothing about military! Biden is a joke for Commander in Chief! !!

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