Sen. Abaribe, Osita Chidoka, Sam Amadi, Amb. Ndukwe Speak On Biafra & Anambra Election

Sen. Enyinnaya Abaribe, Chief Osita Chidoka, Dr. Sam Amadi, Amb. Paul Ndukwe Speak On Biafra And The Call For Anambra 2021Election Boycott And The Consequences For Ndigbo – Credit: Chief Osita Chidoka, Ike Obosi

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48 Responses

  1. Ezeh summers says:

    osita you are a political criminal. .look esn is to secure your bushes to enable your mother's and sisters go to their farms but your useless fulani brothers came and killed them to occupy our space. .so better park your load and go to Abuja and live with them before you comes here to lie against our gallant esn and ipob. .your fulani masters has instructed you to vomit these lies to paint ipob. never see the terrorists in soldier uniforms? these are your friends

  2. Ogbonnaya Loveday says:

    Some of you are making points here. But if you don't take Biafra agitation serious and support them in whatever means as being done by the Fulanis you are wasting time. As long as our leaders do not condemn the atrocities that is happening in Biafra Land and Governors invite Nigerian forces to kill their people, created road blocks everywhere and accepted Almajiris to come into Biafra land to make up our population means they failled woefuly. Wake up, release you son from unlawful detention, dis-proscribe him and IPOB, support their agenda of referendum as the North supports Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen, Myetty Allah and Bandits before your eyes and all these people are TERRORISTS. Stop clamouring for One Nigeria, release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to avoid SIT AT HOME that will bring Economic/Finacial Collapse in Biafra Land.

  3. Donald Oden says:

    This bunch of elites are disconnected from the sufferings of the masses . Yes you have a point about the effect of sit at home on the economy of the SE but you kept mute while they were shooting and killing peaceful flag waving youths, you assisted in declaring peaceful youths terrorists . Okay now that the youth have gone radicalised due to lack of justice and equity caused by the selfishness and corruption of the political establishment.

    Please go ahead and prescribe the sort of resistance to this eternal looming Fulani slavery. They have spent more time condemning IPOB and have totally failed to recognise their failures which led to this whole situation.

  4. Anayo Mbadugha says:

    Chidioka and the panel, my question to you is how did we get here?

  5. Obiora Okpa says:

    Since it’s not a good strategy you guys should come up with better one.

  6. Ifeanyi Nwoye says:

    Is sit-at-home violence?

  7. Ifeanyi Nwoye says:

    Treat the cause of Agitation before the effect. There's no Road, no water, no electricity and check points are on the spolt roads. No food and the fulanis are killing the farmers, what do you want people to do. Talk better about releasing mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

  8. Ifeanyi Nwoye says:

    Bring another strategy to replace sit-at-home.

  9. impodds says:

    These people are here spewing garbage. The point is that the economy that you have is not working. Economy built on generator. The animal outside the country in the name of Sam Amadi is yapping nonsense including Osita the boyfriend to Obasanjo. Yes, lets work together to build a robust economy and for a very specific purpose. People are here talking about survival and they are there talking about economy. Did IPOB not offer palliative to the people at the outset of the pandemic? IPOB meant well even when you never showed that you cared Ndi Uchu.

  10. ify Barca says:

    My own contribution is this, all our SE politicians has failed us. But the question is these are we still going to dwell in that? No. I believe in IPOB but I think the way we are going is not the right way. All I will say is these, if we can engage this our failed leaders now and see truthfully if they have seen there mistakes and work with them because they dine with all this men in Nigeria that has failed Nigeria. Igbo land has the best in the world but how can we harness those potentials and grow Igbo land. Can we at this moment stop blame game and see our we can work collectively to grow that dream of Michael Opara. Can we join MNK in a proper way of engagement and not only looking for Biafra and lose all we have in Igbo land but to build a prosperous Igbo state that will be an enjoyable and enviable state. Can we create a forum where we can get the best brains of Igbo land and the rich guys too and make Igbo land a Dubai of Africa if not the world. We can start by collectively bringing out best candidates that will represent us in the nation from LGA to NATIONAL level. We collectively can easily kick out those that don’t want well for us. From there we can start changing the narrative. I used to support they idea of sit at home but truthfully it will ground they entire SE and Nigeria don’t care. How care we start creating awareness to our people but home and abroad. How I wish I can have the opportunity to speak in this forum I will try and make little sense. Thanks

  11. Godwin Ejiofor says:

    God will judge all of you because you support this nonsense call zbiafra agitation for your own selfish interest not that you really want Biafra but you deceived innocent young igbos and many are now in their graves

  12. Gabri Chini says:

    When you guys the political class has failed us what so you expect us to do? Oga let's close igboland forever and know we don't have a home anymore. I mean you guy's are very wicked and does not have a atom of human sympathy in you guys at all.

  13. Nebuchadenezor says:

    The panel is missing a number of very important points. Our elected officials can not pressure the central government to do away with the constitution which every one knows to be very bad for us.
    Our federal government does not pay attention to the cries of the governed.
    We don’t have a working judiciary.
    We can’t demonstrate peacefully without being killed.
    When we are mistreated, illegally detained by the police, no redress occurs.
    The people may allude to what happened in Catalonia in Spain but fail to mention that in Spain, the court system works and the government respects the judgment of the court.
    The fact is that most countries the seceded did not go through their elected representatives who are so afraid to speak against what is close to an authoritarian government that is totally bent on silencing any one who has a different idea.
    Demonstration is costly. Agitation is costly. Those who only count the cost of agitation will never be successful .
    Martin Luther King of America led many demonstrations during his fight for justice in America. Those who went around with him lost money and some lost their jobs. He was killed for daring to seek the betterment of his people.
    The list goes on. The seat at home is a very good method of publicizing our grievances against Nigeria where the press can tell the truth and the government is poised to kill with impunity.
    So sacrifice is a necessary for success.

  14. Johnson Orie says:

    Yeye de smell..

  15. Martin Fidelis says:

    Only Nnamdi Kanu can save us,!

  16. Nelson Odah says:

    If Ipob want Nnamdi Kanu to be released, they should go and lock down Aso Rock because that's where he is been held not the ordinary man at the street of Igbo land that's struggling to earn a living.

  17. UC OL says:

    Rubbish, all these started after ESN was created and after Hope brought the military to attack ESN. Let’s stop fooling ourselves with the name “unknown gunmen”. They are well known, those people who go around killing people who don’t obey their sit at home order.

  18. reality1225 says:

    Why can't you all be bold to say the truth to the Authority… You bunch of thiefs

  19. Hebron Heart says:

    Chidoka I agree with your last summary

  20. Hebron Heart says:

    I support the issue of everybody going out to vote it makes sense

  21. Hebron Heart says:

    Let them release Nnamdi kanu and when he's at the helm of affairs things will be in control

  22. Hebron Heart says:

    Osita chidoka should not refer ipob /esn as a trait to igbos by saying that it means that what ipob is agitating for does not resonate with him.

  23. Larry Done says:

    @chodoka……that is insulting/ Accusing those boys and framing nonsense conversation……If not for the force of those guys will you achieve any thing in 1 million years ,Heardsmen were in the bushes killing innocent women,claiming villages in Ngbooo Enugu…would you have done any thing if not for those guys ability?? You were appointed a federal minister……what was/is your record?? Without substance u are accusing them of killing Akunyili just to spite them……always reason ,reason and reason before you talk.

  24. Akah Stephen says:

    What led to the agitation? They are discussing the effects of the agitation and not the cause. The analysts are part of the causes. Failure to good governance and representative of southeast.
    No good hospital, road, school etc

  25. Lauraqueen F says:

    Panelists of damnable fools. You will soon learn how to respect the people. There is only one man who can make the people change their mind with about sit at home order. and you lot knows his name.
    But continue to talk yourselves or talk to birds if you like

  26. LUCY UGWOJI says:

    Release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.Period

  27. LUCY UGWOJI says:

    If there is no pipeborn water,if there are bad roads,no electricity,did IPOB stop you from giving south East all these?

  28. LUCY UGWOJI says:

    IPOB is not Violent.Did you say anything when Fulanis are killing IPOB and Biafrans?ESN was formed when Buhari sent Herdsmen to our farms to kill and rape our people.We must fight back

  29. Neverland Videos says:

    Buhari is the same as IPOB. Both want to destroy Biafra and they are succeeding.

  30. LUCY UGWOJI says:

    But you were there when Buhari sent fulani herdsmen and bokoharam to kill IPOB just because of holding flags,what did you say?

  31. Yvonne Nwabugwu says:

    Senator Abaribe, look at Aba..Even without a sit at home, I'll find an alternative to Aba. You elders are really a disappointment. What has the political class in SE done for the people of SE.

  32. Don Sam says:

    Omg you people are talking like you don't know the reason to solve this problem.release nnamdi kanu

  33. The truth says:

    Chidoka what was ur achievement in igbo land as a minster.

  34. The truth says:

    What happened to imo election? Abia state rigged but not to imo level . A politician doesn't need votes to be in the office.

  35. EZEMA IBE may God help us says:

    Ndi Nkpokoro

  36. ik umuhie says:

    First start with changing the criminal political system in Igboland. Secondly, develop a credible regional economic development policy and ways to guarantee diaspora community to unleash their enormous savings here to build vibrant businesses and factories in Igboland to provide employment to our people. Stress Igbo traditional ethos that has been lost by today’s so called leadership and Ezes. Discourage politics of state capture and we’ll be on our way to better Igboland

  37. tony n says:

    RESPONDING TO OSITA CHIDOKA & HIS RECYCLED CRIMINAL CORRUPT POLITICAL BANDITS. With due respect to Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, I most humbly wish to respond to OSita CHIDOKA. My response here is going to exonerated and excuse Senator Abaribe on one point; that he had always and continued to speak out against the evil perpetrated by the radical jihadist Islamic terrorists republic of Nigeria otherwise known as "Zoogeria".

  38. ik umuhie says:

    Chidoka you are ranting but you and senator Abaribe, are the politicians. Can you accept your failures . You failed to take advantage of the enormous asset in diaspora. Don’t blame IPOB but organize yourselves and liaise with the people abroad to build Igboland irrespective of the political system in place

  39. Ekuson Debango says:

    Will "sit at home" really hurt the country or just the SE? What will it actually accomplish for the SE?

  40. #Silverback says:

    Shame on you Mr Chidoka.

  41. #Silverback says:

    What electricity will you use to operate the so called lifts.

  42. #Silverback says:

    We Don't have any markets in the east. Shame on you politicians.

  43. #Silverback says:

    The change has to start with leaders.

  44. #Silverback says:

    Has the politicians shown any maturity?

  45. Ebefu Onuabuchi says:

    Nwata akwo na azu amaghi na ije di ufu,see as they are killing our youth no body care's even abduction, how much did you contributed for the hardship in the south east

  46. O-GUN COD NAIJA says:

    You all talk trash. Referencing Cataluña to BIAFRA is awkward firstly and quite irrational

  47. jiksawo08 says:

    So are they saying we should forget Nnamdi Kanu just like that?? Is Nigeria election an election? Imo people voted and got Uzodimma

  48. O-GUN COD NAIJA says:

    Chidoka never spoke against the massacres that was meted on IPOB by the Nigerian terrorist government which he is working for.
    Lawyer with no conscience.

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