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Always consult a financial advisor or attorney for the most accurate information that pertains to your credit situation!


0:00 How to Pull Your Credit, Predict your score, and see MY SCORE!
0:50 Paying Collections Will Not Increase Your Score
1:04 Rebuilding Credit with a Secured Credit Card
3:58 See my Credit Scores!
5:25 How Do Collections and late Payments Affect Credit?
7:00 Credit Score Simulator Tool
13:30 Experian’s Free 7 Day Credit Trial (for 3 credit reports & scores)
15:15 What makes up your credit score?
16:28 Secured Credit Card for Credit Rebuilding


How to Write a Dispute Letter Step-by-Step for Derogatory Marks:

FIRST: pull your credit report & identify what is lowering your score.
Navigate to Experian or (they have free trials) and pull your 3 reports + Scores! has reports but DOES NOT display scores.


-1. You don’t have ENOUGH credit established.
-2. You have late payments on your report.
-3. You have accounts in COLLECTIONS
-4. Your accounts are closed to being maxed out
-5. You have a public record such as a bankruptcy or foreclosure.

-CALL the creditor and negotiate the terms of the debt and ask if they can adjust your account status back to current/paid.
-EXPLAIN you are having a tough time and ask if they can remove the late payment as a COURTESY.
-IDENTIFY any inaccuracies and dispute it.

-DISPUTE, DISPUTE, DISPUTE any errors or inaccuracies (name, account opened date, account amount, etc)
-Ask the lender to VALIDATE the debt
-ASK FOR “PAY FOR DELETION”* while I don’t recommend this method, here is how it can be used: Get a letter from the collection agency that states they will DELETE the negative account from your Credit Report, upon receipt of payment. If account balance is already “$0.00” but the negative collections status is still on your report, dispute the debt anyway with the credit bureaus.
-If (Equifax, Experian and/or TransUnion) cannot prove the debt, it’ll get removed*
*According to FCRA Section 609/611 guidelines.

1. Pay down OR PAY OFF your credit cards, loans or any revolving accounts,
2. Ask for the credit card company to raise your credit limit-(DO NOT USE MORE CREDIT; BE RESPONSIBLE).

-NOT impossible, but it’s very hard to do
-Dispute any errors or inaccuracies (ex-spouse’s debt, etc).
-Ask an attorney if this can be rectified. I cannot advise on this.

THIS is the exact way to FIX a bad credit score, WITHOUT PAYING a company to help you do it! All of these steps can be taken TODAY to increase your score and remove derogatory marks off your credit report. Having a higher credit score will help you save money with a lower interest rate, getting approved for a home or an apartment, and will even help you get a better job!!! YES, EMPLOYERS CHECK CREDIT!!

I raised my credit score over 300+ points and I didn’t have to pay anyone! The most common misconception of improving one’s credit score is that if you pay your collections accounts reported on your credit report, this will help your credit score. WRONG! I will explain why disputing collections accounts from your credit report is the BEST method to raise your score! Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. This is strictly for informational purposes and does not replace the advice from a financial advisor, credit bureaus agent or attorney.

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27 Responses

  1. Kayla Michel Morris says:

    I love your content! It is helping me so much. Question for you — if you have a collection removed from your report that you legitimately owe, can the collector still sue you for the amount you owed them? Or does the removal from the report also make it where they are not able to sue you?

  2. Karen Alvarez says:

    hey I got your templates and it says hand write it. Do you think it makes a big difference if I do so or is sending the letter printed out ok? thank you so much! I am so excited to see what happens 🙂

  3. Chantel Musser says:

    Hi Jazzy, I purchased your Ultimate Credit Boost kit and have sent out my letters using your template & with the signature confirmation. I’m going to wait the 30 days from the date on the signature confirmation card I get returned to me in the mail. My question is: What if the credit bureaus do not respond back to me in the 30 days. How do I proceed? Thanks for all your help!!

  4. Robin Cruz says:

    The collection company already said after i paid it off it would say payment after collection and take awhile to ease

  5. Sierra Miller says:

    First round of letters completed and will be sent in the morning. Thank you so much!

  6. Iris Caballero says:

    Hello Jasmine,

    Hi I am in the process of sending a third letter to the three credit bureaus to erase negative inquiries from my report. However they keep responding saying that the information is accurate. Do you have another template that I can use to clarify that I’m not only verifying that it’s accurate I want it erased. I hope I explain myself and you’re able to help me. You have been so influential in getting my credit back on track.

    Thank you

    Iris C

  7. April White says:

    You are AMAZING!!!

  8. Lucretia McCollum says:

    What if you have a student loan in collections?

  9. Charline Joseph says:

    Where do I purchase your template

  10. alicia swift says:

    Congratulations and thank you so much for the info recommendations and advice!!

  11. Jahlayea Jackson says:

    Hi, if you have inquiries from applying for credit such as a car dealership, can you dispute those ?

  12. Julia Carter says:

    What can I do about my husband? He has things on there that he's never used. 2 different middle name initials. He thinks someone has used his SSN. One is a credit card. He's never had a credit card.

  13. shoppingbagtiffy says:

    So helpful! There is a car I bought in 2016 on my credit report. It has been paid off and showing on Equifax as closed is that negative or positive? Also it shows there was a 30 day late payment which is false. What do I do?

  14. Melodie Sherred says:

    My credit score dropped when I sent the dispute letter and they put notes on my credit is that right

  15. kakes kakes says:

    Do I pay a 87.00 collection

  16. Ernestine Baynard says:

    Hello Jazzy Mac I’m here in the GA and was wondering if you can work with me with my credit

  17. Yolanda Campbell says:

    Hi Ms. Jasmine, thank you for your videos. I do have a question… When a disputed collection account is removed, can it be added again?

  18. annette goldsmith says:

    Hi Ms Jasmine. You are such a God send!!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the masses!!!
    My question has to do with bankruptcy. My credit score took a tremendous hit after filing. If after using all of the methods you illustrated in your videos to remove old debt from my report, will that bankruptcy still be visible to the bureaus? Or will I need to take additional steps to have that removed?

  19. Charlene Marie says:

    You just saved me 100 point drop. I have a medical bill I ignored and you inspired me to call. They were about to send it to my credit report!

  20. C. says:

    How do you go about paying on a delinquent credit card that has been charged off and is now a closed account but still has a balance? It's not in collections and hasn't been sold to a collection agency, however, it is was closed last year, and every month the negative months increase. What approach should I take on this?

  21. Jay Letics says:

    Hi jazzy Mac. What’s your top 3 credit card recommendations? I have a 670 credit score with only a secured $200 card. I want to have at least a $5,000 credit limit if possible

  22. Shatara Smith says:

    What credit card should I get?

  23. Ariana Sherry says:


  24. manny g says:

    Can I still use your templates for closed accounts, inquiries and late payments? I have nothing in collections. Thanks!

  25. The C.R.E.A.M Team says:

    Jazzy can you make a video on good things to do after our credit is fixed? Such has good credit cards to apply for etc etc..

  26. Nykisha Myatt says:

    I purchased the templates and I’m hoping it works for me. I did have a question tho. What do you do if the creditor responds to your dispute with proof that the debt belongs to you?

  27. L.R. Design Studios Laurie Sullivan Roy says:

    You are so easy to listen to – great information- really friendly lovely lady 🙂 thank you

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