Security Matters: Why Digital Security Drives Customer Loyalty

| | Every week, Robert Siciliano inevitably hears from a distressed financial advisor who has to rescue a client whose accounts have been compromised. The fact is, your moneyed clients are big targets—and they aren’t necessarily cyber savvy.

Bankers, financial advisors, wealth and asset managers, and investment and financial planners are all in the business of making their clients more money and profiting from their good money advice. But what happens when a client’s account is compromised by an outside source? Your clients turn to you and wonder why you never provided them with the advice or tools to protect themselves and their assets. Now, you can reduce victimization by partnering with your clients in another way: preventing fraud.

As a financial professional, you are perfectly positioned to inform and educate your clients on the easiest and most effective ways to keep their data secure and their identities protected. Equip your clients with the simple tools and effective information to make them secure, and you will be their trusted advisor for life.

In this presentation, Robert will help you:
– Learn where the weak spots are in your clients’ knowledge of online fraud
– Empower your customers to be their own security experts
– Instill loyalty in your clients by providing them with 360-awareness of not only their financial situation but also their security situation


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