Section 609 Credit Repair Loophole || Credit Repair Disputes || Fix Credit || Credit Improvement

This is the Section 609 Credit Repair Loophole for Credit Repair Disputes. How you can Fix Credit The educational books and videos I sell are exactly what I did to remove 15 negative accounts from my credit report and boost my score like crazy. I didn’t have anyone to help me at the time or to figure this all out for me. I’ve put this all together to help get you that awesome life you deserve! Your credit deserves improvement! Fix credit now!!



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Section 609 Credit Repair Loophole || Credit Repair Disputes || Fix Credit Fast || DIY Credit Repair || Credit Repair This Sneaky Trick Raises Your Credit Score Legally and Quickly


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44 Responses

  1. Ko LLC says:

    MAN LET ME TELL YOU THIS WORKS ! I’ve only mailed out my first set of letters and they’ve already removed several things a week after recieving the letters my scores went up 47 points already ! They have 22 more days left and I will be sending out the second batch !! This man is the truth !!!

  2. Jermaine Gaskins says:

    I got 4 medical collections removed on the first round of letters thanks.

  3. ShaktaWizard says:

    Brandon, I bought your course and used your letters, sent them off and this shit is WORKING just as I imagined it would. Thank you so much! Love you bro!

  4. Queen Talk TV says:

    Can items ever be readded?

  5. Susan MacDonald says:

    Hello Brandon!
    Curious if this helps with getting US dept of education default/negative reported loans off of the credit report too?

  6. 1Herbsforlife/ Entrepreneur says:


  7. aldrey G says:

    It works.

  8. aldrey G says:

    Thank you. 7 month ago I have purchased you letters system and it works great for me. I will recommend you 100 percent. My credit line went up 90 point I have a 11 medical bill account and today I have only 4. Thank you very much.

  9. positive vibes says:

    You are awesome all of your advice has been priceless

  10. Romeo Wilson says:

    Brandon im in need of credit repait but dont know where to start i need your help is there a way to tlk?

  11. Cushun Melson says:

    Hey Brandon, I’ve been following for a while and I’m trying to go about repairing my credit myself can I have the email address I can use to contact you with questions?

  12. Mark Catanese says:

    Hi Brandon, thank you for the very informative videos. I purchased your ebook to clean up my and wife's credit. One question…. The oldest account on my credit report has a few late payments. It was old vehicle loan that was paid off years ago. Is it bad for me to dispute this? The account is 10+ years old and by far my oldest account. My credit is currently in the mid 700s and I don't want to do anything to damage it.

  13. Bucket Nuggets says:

    I ordered the 609 last week , finally got around to it and sent out my first letter today. I'll update here in 30 days or so.

  14. Swan Michael says:

    I just purchased the letters. Not sure if I will have time to really do it myself because of my job. Do you offer service?

  15. artrese lyles says:

    U just mailed out my 1st round of letters today to transunion and Experian! I can not wait to see the results. Equifax hasn't sent my report yet!

  16. Alex says:

    This man is a real life superhero SALUTE MAN!!!

  17. Gabriella De Leon says:

    Hi brandon i just bought your package and i have a question, is it better to hand write the dispute letters or type them?

  18. Knowledge Awareness says:

    Will this work for discover card?

  19. Winston Solomon says:

    Hey Brandon I bought the beyond committed 609 CRS yesterday. Do send off my first round of dispute letters before I get added as an authorized user ? At the same time? Or does it matter what order I do these two steps ?

  20. donell knight says:

    Sent off my first round of letters. But portfolio recovery sent me a letter back with screen shots of what looks like emails and the account page but no contract? Should I just sent the second letter?

  21. fulana3456 says:

    Why cant we reach you where is your phone number?

  22. Deals N Steals says:

    I have several medical bills on my report I also have child support that says Paid at $0 (I’ve never owed support before) I have no established credit never had cc before or loans
    What would be the best option for me as far as your plans?
    I did start with self lender and just applied for secured cars as well but I’d love to remove some of these items off my report

  23. Nehemiah Ben Israel says:

    What if the credit bureaus contact Capital One and they send a letter saying they need more info to know what I’m disputing? Should I send 2nd round of letters? Thanks.

  24. truen living7 says:

    brandon have a questioni started my first round of letters and at first the negatives items were deleyed then 2 days later they reappered do i send another round of letters or wait until the investigation is over

  25. DBP sons says:

    Can you tell us about rapid rescore?

  26. StandupGirl1981 says:

    Account with one main financial was sold to another company. Can I validate this debt?

  27. Brianna Ballew says:

    So are accounts in collections verified?

  28. Akeem Reed says:

    I purchased the beyond committed package. By far the best $50 I’ve ever spent! I’ve emailed Brandon on multiple occasions and him or his team always responds. Other YouTube Gurus try to carve $200 for less than what you get from Brandon. Awesome!

  29. s, says:

    BrandonWeaver:) I would like to ask you about y'all fixing my credit-how much etc – I sent out first 3 unverified- got 2 back- one ignored the whole premise – talking about a completely Irrelevant subject. and trans said my identification was illegible. I'm trying but I have So many things happening I'd rather if your team could do it please or help me bc I'm Frusterated – I want to move! ahhh pls helllllp! sw

  30. Chosen Property Solutions says:

    Some inquiries don’t have account numbers. Can they still be disputed?

  31. Sherwin Wilson says:

    Update: score went up an additional 32 points. 88 points in the process. Going to send second round this weekend. What is the best way to get Portfolio Recovery off?

  32. Chris. BCC says:

    I have followed your ways with the 609 and have had 95 percent success. Experian has given me pure hell. I have written all the laws, sent in other closed and deleted information from the other two bereaus and sent it to Experian. They are still reporting a closed account as late again in January after the account went to a collection agency. Experian is stopping my growth. I have been fighting Experian since June.

  33. Nehemiah Ben Israel says:

    about to send off my first letters tomorrow morning!

  34. fifdaddy says:

    Just purchased my letters will send out and update. Wish me luck

  35. melissa alexis says:

    I have a question. I bought the letters and are about to get started with it but how do I request I get a repo taken off if I have a court document stating I no longer am responsible for this item before the repo occurred

  36. Regina Anderson says:

    I sent out the 1st round of letters in September 2017. I have 3 derogatories. On the 1st round (Oct 2017) 1 derogatory came off. I am so excited. It is the end of November and I waited a little longer than I wanted but I am getting ready to send out the 2nd set of letters now. I only waited because I wasn't sure how the credit bureaus were going to respond so I waited until I had confirmation. Also I wasn't sure how I they would verify it to me. They sent me new credit reports or letters. I also received a letter from one of the creditors that the debt was accurate. I will still dispute it with the credit bureaus. Thank you Mr. Weaver. My FICO has fluctuated with over the last year with me obtaining some new credit cards, all before I got your program because I was working on my credit already. I was fluctuating between 630 and 660. Credit Karma says if I pay down my credit cards I will be at 705 FICO. They (credit card balances) are temporarily high because I just came off a vacation cruise. Overall I have increased my score by over 100 points since 1 year ago mainly by obtaining credit which I haven't had in years. Then I found you and am working on the derogatories….. I have a 100% positive payment history with 9 lines of credit in the last 1 year. Now I am on a mission to pay down my cards to finally reach that 700 mark.

  37. Tony Cisco says:

    I bought the 609 letters around June, 2017. Honestly, I did not have much faith in repairing my credit. I had so many negatives in my credit report!
    I thought it would be impossible to fix my mess!!!
    A couple of weeks later I sent the first letter to all three big bureaus. 30 days passes… I could not stop thinking about it. But I decided not to think about it for 2 more weeks. Okay. Then another month passed before I remembered the letter. As I was preparing to create Round 2 letters it occurred to me to check my credit. When I looked at my credit report…not only were the negative entries gone, but ALL NEGATIVE ENTRIES WERE REMOVED!
    I checked the other 2 and it was exactly the same. All negative entries were deleted!!!
    My credit was ruined when I severely & permanently injured my spine. I was disabled, my wife divorced me & the court held me responsible for all of her debts. Also, while on Disability, I was accused of fraud…lost my Disability benefits, Medicare coverage and the Government demanded
    … I think it was… like $55,000…!!
    And, as if that weren't enough, I learned I was a victim of Identity Theft!!
    Thank you for the letters. To be honest, I cannot thank you enough! I got my credit cleaned up. It was easier than I could possibly imagine.
    That was some powerful letter!!
    My credit has since gone fom 514 to 690!!
    Again… Thank you!

  38. Linda Moore says:

    Love this!! I’m About to start this journey and have a question ,. When sending the 609 letters out with a copy of my ID or drivers license will it slow the process down if i don’t have a copy of my security card?

  39. Ruby Tuesday says:

    Hey Brandon how do I get rid of a charge off, closed account and edfinacial which was originally direct loans then turned into navient now a collection agency sent me a letter for the student loan. HEEEEELLLLP!

  40. Jesse Ruiz says:

    FYI I got 4 accounts removed on 1st letter before 30 days.

    Quick question, what do I do if they took off account from 1 creditor and not other 2?

  41. Lady j says:

    Which package is the best one. I'm ready to get started.

  42. Cordeania Knox says:

    I just purchased my fico score from and credit reports. There aren't any account numbers just xxxxx. Should I put them in my letter?

  43. Kira C says:


    Will this help with a 6 to 7month old bankruptcy? And student loans?

  44. adrian sanders says:

    So i'm getting items deleted of the derogatory side but they just are showing as closed now…do i just keep sending letters

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