Secrets Kept: The Secret History and Government Cover-up of the U.F.O. Phenomenon

What has the government been hiding from us about UFOs? Let’s find out…

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23 Responses

  1. Nick Jones says:

    Are we still alone?

  2. Gene Loscowski says:

    Excellent video. Good historical facts about UFOs.

  3. Mike McCarroll says:

    Great video but audio is terrible. No need for all the static and music. They lend nothing to the quality and serve to only irritate the listeners

  4. Anthony Shanaman says:

    I doubt 150 kids in High school went to a ufo club meeting lmfao.

  5. Jongle Wongle says:

    A " Montauk " time travel facility. Then you start getting into the Andrew Basiago stuff from that point of reference. [ I'm just joining dots here. I don't know anything in-depth. ]. If there be some veracity to that then there should be retrieved a pre-1971 publication, maybe a school text book, an encyclopedia entry, or something, with the photo of the Gettysburg Address of 1863 which does not include the boy in the foreground. Because, conceivably, prior to, say, 1971, young Andrew has not yet travelled back in time to Gettysburg.

  6. Richard Rogers says:

    Makes alot of sense got towers everywhere with a modern day tower of babel,look up Media in Strongs concordance bible dictionary in Greek and Hebrew.Media was mentioned back in the day's of Esther's, Isaiah and Daniel's days.and and read book of Ezekiel

  7. Gary how to bluetooth jbl headphones Gray says:

    There is nothing paranormal about the paranormal; because its all normal processes of the Universe . Period.

  8. Richard Rogers says:

    Does weather balloons have crafts that fly up to them or look like a round amber or rainbow looking craft?Does weather balloons glow like a rainbow in daylight?

  9. Scott Hernandez says:

    New Sub here. Great to discover your channel! Keep pumping out the content!

  10. L P says:

    Great video. I cannot believe that people still think this is not real. When that one ripped past the Nimitz literally mooning them as they do so, that should have been a wake up call.

  11. John Kru says:

    Nothing new here.

  12. Kenney Alan says:

    Plenty of swamp gas in Washington.but these things have been around a long time.

  13. NOEL BRYANT says:

    Bigfoot 1:48

  14. jistin yermaw says:

    May have been worth watching if it wasn't for shity music and bad audio

  15. Michael Warthog says:

    You didn't hear this from me? But the #1 reason they have been hesitant to let us all in on the know is motivated by religion. And not just in this country. If the public knew the whole truth? Civilization could collapse. Know one would have anything to believe in anymore. No fear of going to hell. Every church would disappear over time. Obsolete Not everyone would survive. So know this… will never know the whole truth. Just the truth they want you to believe. To them? You are the sheep.

  16. NOEL BRYANT says:

    America needs to keep the illusion to keep china and russia guessing and lets hope it is America

  17. Eugene Hough says:

    You are participant in the fear mongering agenda of the Cabal who will use the alien threat as a false flag. Extraterrestrials do exist, are here already but pose no threat, they are beyond that.

  18. Philip Reed Wallace says:

    Thank you.

  19. Carol McCash says:


  20. Ray Simpson says:

    Wow! this is an excellent video, covers many aspect of what we are eager to know but kept secret. When you think of all the people that tried to let us know what they found out, and lost there lives in mysterious ways. All because we fear one another=nation against nation. Trying to out wit each other. It is just a shame we all could not come together for the good of man kind and the well being of this world we live on. Working together in the exploration of space. Because there will come a time when the world gets over populated and space travel to other world would be good for all. What if we were attacked by aliens, as the late president R. Regen said in a speech to the world elite, we would all forget our indifferences and come together to defend the world.


    The very last line in this video is so accurate given that the government/military has begun to acknowledge the existence of UFO’s.

  22. ⨹s†πΩ✯Žømßîē says:

    What's the with softcore porn background music?

  23. BLUE SKY PUZZLE says:

    No one is safe from the true threat to Earth.. The One World Order alliance.

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