Secretary of State Anthony Blinken testifies on Afghanistan withdrawal

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken testifies on Afghanistan withdrawal.

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20 Responses

  1. Go4broke says:

    Books deals? Not men of honor! They conspire behind one presidents back snd listen to a potato head who killed soldiers fir no reason. If they had integrity , they would resign and submit to court marshall. But they obviously are not men of courage.

  2. W O says:

    Biden told ABC News that he didn’t recall the generals advising him to keep 2500 troops in Afghanistan. Not surprising because Biden can’t recall what he had for breakfast this morning. This is what happens when you have a sitting president that should be realistically in a memory care center.

  3. O O says:

    Lol how about all of the senators who voted for the war? Will they testify? How about contractors and corporations who made a fortune off this war? You put the person that takes orders from the White House and congress to testify….that makes sense….. don’t fall for this…this is bs

  4. mohammad iqbal says:

    Unatro domanda tanitsimo mondiale agenda se sua vicino semper sottocontrlo good and bad io no iscrito diteals analysis

  5. mohammad iqbal says:

    Joe baide due auto gol 45/100 ricoveri Ancora tanto lavoro manca step by step guide my riquest no rabbia per Che coando Joe baide vincere trovato una malato please voto tutti piatti analysis

  6. Holly Kelley says:


  7. DEEPAK KAPOOR says:

    These people are trying to hide behind a date … called Dead Line … but who stopped them to make necessary arrangements to ensure smooth execution. They left in dark without informing their alliance partner 'Afghan Army' . And what about other clauses of the agreement which were to be followed by other side ?

  8. joel Bélanger says:


  9. 2 cents says:

    China finds this hysterical! As does the Taliban.

  10. ClassicFIHD says:

    At first when Bungling Biden's administration thought they droned the planner of the suicide bomber they were all over the media bragging and pounding their chests in victory, now during the hearings when askes if they droned the wrong person, it's all top secret and under investigation.

  11. Robert Wilson says:

    uh uh uh uh uh

  12. Brus Lee says:

    Pakistan defeated USA

  13. partha saradhi reddy says:

    2:56:19 :- lot of meanings in one look

  14. shereen mishra says:

    Can we ask Batman superman and captain America to help us
    They are so strong and quick
    Yaa yaa
    No one can harm USA

  15. edwoll77 says:

    How in the hell did Anthony Blinken ever get a job doing anything except picking up dog poop? A flock of New York City pigeons has more brain power than he does.

  16. Alberto L says:

    If you think that the faulty connection is on accident…

  17. robespierre1985 says:

    Pathetic shameless dems still trying to blame Trump. The entire world knows better.

  18. Alberto L says:

    Ummm. Umm. Um Umm.

  19. hippo potamus says:

    The "hero interpreters" had TWENTY years to come, why didn't they?!??

  20. Soapy Smith says:

    Terrible Sec of State just look at his record
    Poor Choice
    13 Service Men dead and we send money to Taliban in Afghanistan
    This Administration is killing Americans abroad and in the US.

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