Secretary of Defense & Joint Chiefs Chair and Others Testify on Afghanistan Withdrawal

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Joint Chiefs Chair General Mark Milley, and General Kenneth McKenzie, commander of U.S. Central Command, testify on the Afghanistan withdrawal.

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45 Responses

  1. Warren Paine says:

    Sen mark kelly…why dont you kiss their asses too…

  2. Joe Piacente says:

    Do us americans and the rest of the world a large favor, DO NOT LET GEN MILLEY, AUSTIN and GEN Mckenzie get involve in any way with what is going on right now with china! i'am afraid that milley already called china and told them, OMG, do i get a bronze statue of me in the china square, or at least an ATTA BOY for calling and warning you!

  3. Warren Paine says:

    Sen Josh Hawley…check mate milley

  4. Helena James Miller Ryanna says:

    I would like to inform Senate Committee and my former husband Mark Milley as I was mentioned in Senator Duckworth's conversation I am alive,healthy,I am in Europe,The Republic of Serbia,city Subotica and I wait with my two sons our Military to go to our family in United States.We are looking forward to meet you all again.

  5. faizcube007 says:

    Great, let's blame Pakistan after killing thousand of innocent citizens for a decade through drone attacks in Pakistan. Thank god, the current Pakistan government showed them the doors and said no to them for once.

  6. Tammy Seita says:

    sen marsha blackburn – check mate milley

  7. Charles Gilley says:

    Treason against the constitution infringement of rights violations and infringement of rights as space force and spy gate and artificial intelligence and espionage to manipulate others

  8. Dan Farrand says:

    Austin, Milley and McKenzie should all resign or be fired

  9. paul toilet says:

    generals yea right disgusting you wear that uniform woke morons

  10. K S says:

    Why is Gen. Miller not therE?

  11. khan nguyen says:

    Gen. Milley is China spy, traitor, He will do nothing to protect Taiwan.

  12. Foad Ahadi says:

    American Politician know the future of Afghanistan, but they don't know why 20 Years country went down in a day, American Politician send American Tax-Payer's money to Israel for years but they can't have security on American People, How weird??, I hope all the families from 9/11 Incident knows the reality of what happened on them by American Politics

  13. Retired Disabled Veteran says:

    Yea and all three of these A-holes want to dishonorably discharge a Marine with a heart condition who served in Afghanistan during Operation Freedom Sentinel and Operation Southern Vigilance. The one's who should be Court Marshaled and dishonorably discharged are Miley and McKenzie. The 2 of them along with Austin should be charged with TREASON.

  14. L L says:

    These 2 Generals and the Secretary of the state are lying out of there butt and hiding what really happened, disgraceful, they should court martial and rot and burn in hell for all those people who lost there life

  15. John Doe says:

    Fuck off and get the hell out of our country, we don't need you

  16. John Doe says:

    Senator austin, your nothing but a kiss ass

  17. John Doe says:

    We need to get the rest of the civilian population out, then turn Afghanistan into to a parking lot

  18. Tcbranger says:

    Generals are advisors to the President. If the President disregards their advice, it’s his choice. The American people who voted for Biden are as responsible for what happened as Biden is.

  19. Rux Oneto says:

    What was China doing that China was worried about being Attacked ????

  20. Ashish Shrivastava says:

    Today I have respect for the paxtani isi and army…how easily they fooled the USA while talking Billions of USD and support the very same terrorist they were "fighting" against…as soon as US left thesr terrorists were placed and now paxtan will make the same USA pay them and also pay paxtan…if US can't even manage a small snake like paxtan and be fooled for more than 20 years, China and Russia wud be smiling knowing US is no more the "super power"…US can only play with small countries while islamic jihadis will make US pay for their mistakes…paxtanis take a bow u make the islamic world proud I'm sure…Shame

  21. David R. Stone says:

    ⭐️General Milley is an absolute disgrace, he’s only interested in selling his book and making more $$money$$ not the welfare of the Marine troops that died in Afghanistan because of poor decision making. He should resign.

  22. jeevan D says:

    my knowledge is limited and I only know USA is a wonderful country to live in and I accept men and women in uniform serving US are heroic; as am proud of my nation men and women in uniform! I dint know political parties in united states and I hate trump as a president, but considering latest facts i found trump is far better than current person who took office. my personal statement; United States lost its credibility and integrity in the world and also in its internal security matters because of his actions. I strongly feel my nation is more safer, secure and a better place than USA considering current events. i wonder senators elizabeth warren and Marsha blackburn should replace putin and xi but unfortunately both are in US congress!

  23. Zachary Lowe says:

    These generals deserve to gets stripped of there ranks and federal prison. treason with the deep state.

  24. Saq Saq says:

    Pakistan helped America destroy it's greatest enemy, the Soviet Union, in return America left Pakistan to deal with the Afghan mess on it's own, and deeply sanctioned Pakistan till 9/11.

    Shameful behaviour by America, something some want to repeat again. If you cannot learn from recent history, then you are a fool.
    Only wise people respect, and learn from history, in my heart, I do believe America is a wise nation, mistakes do happen, do not repeat them, it's that simple.

  25. Marilyn MacDonald says:

    Hawley had better watch what rocks he throws at others…..folks who play seditionist from glass houses is never a good plan.

  26. Leo Ramos says:

    They should not get their pension

  27. Di3selpower YouTube says:

    Lock them up!!!! Lock them up!!!!

  28. Larry McNeill says:

    Why a deal from a cult to a cult trump and pompao set it in motion and the republican party in charge of the pull out was to be out in may what month is it now. That's why they are all getting fired

  29. آوارہ مانندِ ہوا says:

    That’s called fishing from your own pee.

  30. joyce roberts says:

    What's with Hawley obsession with "books" and whether or not Milley did interviews.
    Hopefully the Jan 6th committee will do some fact checking on his actions and maybe he should be charged or take his own advice to resign.

  31. joyce roberts says:

    Tennessian's are coming to Blackburn's office, to probably get a job, with the military, because she doesn't think her own citizens, deserve anything better, than working in coal mines that are going the way of the dodo bird.

  32. Abdullah Rajpoot says:

    Your defead is small but
    your victory is great on your land but not Afghanistan

  33. Bill Baker says:

    So fire him hes to old

  34. Bill Baker says:

    What's up

  35. Bill Baker says:

    Our leaders are not good at their jobs
    Thay are all yes men
    And I don't believe them
    And I don't care if UTUBE
    Kicks me off
    The service we get for the money we pay is a lier and a joke

  36. Nina Rosado says:

    Your done

  37. Nina Rosado says:

    You have a right to an international terroists and to be protected absoultley not

  38. Nina Rosado says:

    Every new broadcast is more evidence is negligence your depriving me of my rights especially omg your are terrorist

  39. Nina Rosado says:

    America is an international terroists that thier financial personal and government should be frozen

  40. Nina Rosado says:

    Its not only a domestic crime its a international crime to make your done your a steak someone stick a fork in these people they need to extrerdiated they are an extremist group inciting smaller extremist groups while degrading me yous are actual criminals sex offenders that no one in their right mind would want apart in your crazy this is evidence

  41. Nina Rosado says:

    They should on the international terrorist list for caputure you did to Osama bin Laden these men are the actual taliban terrorist that are saying that have said for 39 years and 10 months that its okay to child endangering treason like I haven't had one right in 39 years and 10 months this video is actual criminal evidence

  42. Sireli Lewalau says:

    All Generals with no balls

  43. Jodie Zaffke says:

    I find that the Republicans are not so much asking questions to learn what, why and when things happened they are using this to attack and take things out of context. They start with accusing and or calling names then go into an attack. Then when they are given an answer it is not always accepted. Then on the other side it is asking questions to find out why, when, who to learn the steps to find out how things started and what can be done next time. This twisting things, calling names, accusing them of things, and making unsubstantiated remarks does not get us anyplace. It is juvenile and is only ment to upset the American people so we are distracted from hearing the answers to learn how things work and why.

  44. Case Nately says:

    The three that broke the military.

    Milley is a traitor and these two idiots are probably just as rogue. They are enemies of state.

  45. Frederic Malone says:

    How your Representatives act in real life

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