Scams – What you Need to Know

Danielle Murphy Consumer Educator, Consumer Protection Section of Office of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine will present on common signs and types of scams. Learn to identify potential scams to protect yourself and those you support. This webinar is not sponsored by, nor affiliated with, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. The Ohio Attorney General’s office does not endorse or recommend Dept. of Developmental Disabilities or any products or services affiliated with Dept. of Developmental Disabilities.


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  1. Lauri Bricker says:

    Thanks for posting this! Everybody needs to watch or listen to this webinar. Why? Because people with I/DD are seen as perfect targets for scam artists! Older adults especially need to watch or listen to this webinar because they're scam targets, too. Older adults were raised on good manners and feel that manners should take priority
    over personal safety; hanging up the phone on scammers is considered a no-no for that population. Older adults want to stay on the phone because they want someone to talk to because their friends are dead and gone. Receiving correspondence from charities that received donations and mail that remains unopened could be a sign of dementia or Alzheimer's.

  2. michael foxfoxster says:

    Thanks for this topic, this is worth watching again!! Joann. fox-myers.

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