Sample Loan Closing Documents for Notary Signing Agents Part 2

Knowing these documents can make all the difference. Let’s get ready for your next signing by going through each one.
Don’t be afraid of HELOCs and cash outs. Most of the documents are similar to a refinance and must be signed at a title company or law firm.

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6 Responses

  1. cheryl's got a vision says:

    good evening i have 2 questions…first when is your next quiz and secondly, heloc and cash outs. what's the difference? and on signature closers it says i need a office and address …. how do i go about that to do the signing because it says at a attorney office or title company, can u help me to understand this process, i'm in texas. thanks you are greatly needed and appreciated!

  2. Francisca Leon says:

    Very informative. Thank you so much! Subscribed!

  3. Cheryl Vargas says:

    This is an exact duplicate of your other part 2 video. Can I get the link for your part 1 video about loan documents?

  4. KK HALL says:

    Nice! Just subbed!

  5. Nathan D says:

    Great information. More likes and views are deserved!

  6. Harv Ortiz says:

    Does the borrower pay the notary?

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