Same Old Sources: Impacts of COVID-19 on NJ workers and immigrants

Originally recorded via Zoom on Wednesday, November 10, 2021.

Ready to expand your contacts list and do a better job of including diverse sources in your reporting? Join us as we kick off a new event series, “SOS: Going beyond the Same Old Sources.”

Reporters and editors who cover New Jersey were invited to join us for this exclusive press briefing. The main goal of this event series is to introduce NJ reporters and editors to a variety of sources throughout the state so as to increase the source diversity of their reporting. Attendees are encouraged to follow up with speakers after the events. The session was on the record and journalists are encouraged to use quotes from our speakers in their reporting.


— Dr. Patricia Campos-Medina, nationally recognized labor and politics leader and executive director at The Worker Institute at Cornell
— Juan C. Fernandez, owner and partner at Fernandez Garcia Law who has been representing individuals who died in nursing homes due to COVID-19
— Samira Molina, placement and career services developer at PathStone Corporation, a non-profit organization that serves NJ’s farmworker community

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