Sabotage Afoot in the Kyle Rittenhouse Defense? Viva & Barnes HIGHLIGHT!

The latest in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and defence. I can smell chicanery from a mile away. And I smell chicanery here. Enjoy!

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27 Responses

  1. Hold the Line Patriots says:

    The fact that Kyle Rittenhouse is even on trial shows this is nothing but a witch hunt, to demonize Kyle, and to set precedent that Americans have no rights to self defense. Kyle showed more trigger discipline, restraint, and heroism than 98 percent of trained law enforcement and military. The Kenosha Kid deserves a medal, a steak dinner, and a hefty settlement from the state for malicious prosecution.

  2. Fuk Censorship says:

    Barnes is just Rittenhouse 30 years in the future

  3. dirtrider yamaha says:

    Justice states he was not of age occupying the business, and the gun wasn't registered to him (with serial number), wasn't a Kenosha resident, lied about being an EMT, solicited the business owners to be an armed guard (through text), had no clearance to have an armed guard license through the state police bureau to include a criminal background check. Regardless of whether he was acting in self defense in after the fact he failed to properly secure all proper credentials before assuming the post as an armed guard – as stated by himself. He breached the communities trust when he stood at post under false pretenses. Simply, HE WAS A MINOR!!!

  4. Youtube staff are trash says:

    What trial were you watching? Cause your not making sense the entire time the prosecution made its own arguments sound ridiculous they have been loosing the entire time and it's just been getting worse and worse at no point was there any kind of defense problems, you sir need to take that tin foil hat off, and that's coming from a guy that believes in bigfoot(forest ape).

  5. jft200 says:

    Anyone still feel the defense is sabotaged after seeing how it's gone so far?

  6. charlee mcwhirter says:

    Viva Barnes= so lucky you have hair like you do! Please let it grow 6 more inches and get the Vidal Sassoon's shag hair cut. Your face is the perfect shape and it will look so rad!

  7. Chuck G says:

    It's funny how everyone says their attorney is the best in the country, no matter who they are. The same goes for doctors and tattoo artists for some reason. "My guy is the best!" Haha

  8. Mr. E says:

    Kyle will be freed.

  9. Bojack Harkness says:

    The judge has consistently overruled the prosecution and sided with defense with no reason what so ever. Throw this p.o.s. in prison

  10. Jason Coughenour says:

    Law & Crime’s podcast “Objections” has unveiled tapes that claim pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood was involved in a never-before-reported gun incident with the executive director of a nonprofit group that raised funds for alleged Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse. Dave Hancock, the then-executive director of the #FightBack Foundation, told the podcast they got into an argument in October 2020, over the direction of the nonprofit, during which Hancock accused the lawyer of using the organization for his own political benefit. In response, Wood allegedly pulled a gun out of Hancock’s holster. A tape reportedly reveals Wood saying, “I grabbed your gun away because you were threatening me… You’re in my house. I think the police will believe me.” Wood also allegedly punched Hancock

  11. Jason Coughenour says:

    Y'all make sure to send some $$ to Kyle's books when he goes to the joint.

  12. TheBlackdog8 says:

    Shouldn't even be a trial

  13. Andrew Willett says:

    Just watching the first few doesnt look like the defence lawyers are doing their best for Ryan…either they a fckin useless…or more likely a set up is on to screw him over…

  14. T Nance says:

    Kyle is a superhero.

  15. John Roberts says:

    I watched full day 5 of the trial today…I think it's safe to calm your fears folks. The Prosecution's star witness just won the trial for Kyle lol. Anyone else watch that? What a DISASTER for the prosecution. Kyle will be going home.

  16. blane johnson says:

    I've watched every minute and were at day 5 I think. If anything, the defense has proven that witnesses have incriminated themselves. I.e. kreutz concealing a weapon. (Glock 26) without a valid ccw permit. Pedophile guy making violent threats.. the list just goes on and on.

  17. Andrea Montz says:

    i dont understand this barnes guys beef. if hes an attorney then he should have just represented him. apparently them fam didn't want him and he should get over it

  18. Andrea Montz says:

    this wasnt self defense….i call bull$hit

  19. America Fights Channel says:

    We have a ton of American citizens that have been arrested by order of the democrats who are political prisoners.

  20. Heint Meyer says:

    Clearly the Rittenhouse Defense team are a bunch of satan worshiping pedophile underground libs, using this fake case to destroy the country. The only answer is to donate money to Trump instead, he is the only hope.

  21. Gallowglass says:

    The prosecutor grasps at straws and speculates on everything. He hasn't even come close to proving that Kyle did any wrongdoing.

  22. Jimmy Jaz says:

    Let's just call this what it is. They are trying to ruin his life because he is white. How dare he protect himself against a mob attacking him .

  23. endorbr says:

    Never trust a jury trial

  24. Fly Motives says:

    His haircut was absolutely sabotaged

  25. Null says:

    Am I the only one thinking he’s getting off completely free? Self defense is a hard thing to disprove in WI.

  26. Joao Portesantava says:

    Yes he is! They want to make a example of him. This kid is a good kid

  27. Viva Frei says:

    Perhaps I have been too “red pilled”, but something is fishy in all of this. Hopefully the public awareness gets the message out there to the people who need to see the message.
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