Russia Slashes Ties With NATO in Retaliation for Expulsion of Diplomats

Russia cut back almost all remaining ties with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization on Monday in retaliation for the Western military bloc’s expulsion of eight of its diplomats earlier this month, the latest sign of simmering tension between the former Cold War foes.

The U.S.-led military alliance on Oct. 6 ordered out eight diplomats from Russia’s representation to NATO for allegedly engaging in espionage. Russia said the allegations were groundless.

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20 Responses

  1. Bacar sidico Fati says:

    Well done for Russian government, why to keep wasting times with useless organisation such as NATO

  2. John McEntegart says:

    The Americans and The E.U. Are Setting Themselves Up For World War 3. The Writing Is On The Wall. WW2 Is Unfinished Business. America Has Embraced NAZI Germany, Norway (Oil Producing) Fascist Italy, Imperialist Japan, And A Number Of Butt Hurt Countries In Eastern Europe To Oppose The Russians And The Chinese. Nothing Will Get In The Way Of The American Expansionist Policy Of Manifest Destiny. The Monroe Doctrine. The Die Is Cast. This Will Lead To A Nuclear War. Nobody Is Thinking Straight Particularly The European Union.

  3. latymz says:

    Who cares that Russia's leaving. They are of no consequence anyway. NATO was formed particularly to check their aggression and expansion.

  4. GenZprepper says:

    Now if we could leave that would be lit

  5. Larry LeBlanc says:

    take the safety off….finger on the trigger time

  6. N T Parker says:

    Well done RUSIA

  7. 我所有日子的上帝 says:

    The Philosophy of the rich and the poor is this:the rich invest their money and spend what is left. The poor spend their money and invest what is left

  8. md kamrul hasan says:

    definitely nato will be vanished by rusia , it was a prediction by the encient

  9. Don Huntley says:

    NATO was, is and will always be a bunch of losers, WW 1, WW 2 and you can count, right?


    Russia is the reason FOR NATO….

  11. Johnny Tiger says:

    Russia-China military allians may come next.

  12. LENNOX The painta says:

    Cool grab the Popcorn, You see history repeating itself these Communists Parties get excited then Boom! DEMOCRACY COMES IN AND WELL YOU KNOW THE REST…

  13. Jay M says:

    No wonder Trump liked Putin.

  14. Xtremedia01 says:

    The east-west divide is about complete. From destroying the ABM treaty, we are now here. We have a bunch of a**holes as leaders.

  15. unstrung studios says:

    Uhh ok so why was your rocket mach 3 in California ? To pick up ? From Lockheed ? Or ? Love how the shockwave of it lags 30 seconds saw it before I heard it..groovy.

  16. Camala benton says:


  17. Joey Boedeker says:

    NATO should have gone the way of the dodo after the wall fell.

  18. Ashia Stormy says:


  19. Butch Mitch says:

    This, Sir means War !
    More seriously, what exactly does it mean that Russia has quit NATO ?
    According to James Bond, NATO was a buffer against Russian Western expansion…if Flemming was correct then we can anticipate such activity IMO

  20. Jd Dunlap says:

    Putin's always going to cheat on and secretly break treaty's if he can.
    "KGB, you can take the boy out of KGB, but never take the KGB out of the boy!" He'll always be a secret police agent first!

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