RULE: there doesn't even seem to be anything after the Labyrinth rules ! creepypasta rules !

RULE: there doesn’t even seem to be anything after the Labyrinth rules ! creepypasta rules !

Anomaly Recovery and Description – Anomaly 0103 is a small human heart once belonging to Simon Valentine, a renowned jazz musician. Valentine was found deceased on 5/8/75 in his studio apartment, his chest having been seemingly carved open, exposing his rib cage and chest cavity. In his left hand, Valentine held a kitchen knife soaked in blood, which was later confirmed to be his own. In his right hand was Anomaly 0103, still beating. Valentine was confirmed dead through various stimulus testing by 7/8/75, yet the heart continues to beat, and has shown no signs of decompensation since recovery. Dissections on the anomaly have all resulted in rapid muscle tissue healing within 48 hours until no sign of any cutting is noticeable.


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