Roberta Laundrie Mistaken for Brian by Investigators, Police Tell #WFLANow #HeyJB

POLICE MISTOOK LAUNDRIE’S MOTHER FOR BRIAN: North Port Police tell WFLA’s JB Biunno that law enforcement saw the Laundrie’s Ford Mustang return home on Wednesday September 15 and thought the driver appeared to be Brian Laundrie, when in fact, it was his mother Roberta Laundrie. JB is live with Justin Schecker on #WFLANow where we can feature your comments with #HeyJB or #HeyJustin.


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31 Responses

  1. catman1199 says:

    With all the technological tools @ LE & FBI disposal. For example: Facial recognition, ear bio-metrics can be measured, verified, and used for personal and positive identification purposes. Which is why, it cannot be stressed enough, the narrative one sees on television is merely for the sake of appearances, nothing more than a theatrical Punch and Judy puppet show.

  2. Hazel Kagey says:

    I think she planned to fool police. Brian was probably never in the reserve. I think the parents gave him time to slip away the wknd they went " camping".

  3. James Mcquire says:

    I just don’t understand how all of the tiktok investigators missed this?

  4. James Mcquire says:

    Keystone cops at best, the investigators in this case just were horrible. Worse than a prop master on a movie set.

  5. kayla valles says:

    I believe Roberta intentionally made herself look like Brian for this exact reason, to confuse officers. It would allow Brian enough time to run! I believe for a few nights he tried to move in the late hours or early morning and probably ran into a wild animal or got bitten

  6. Brittany sue says:

    Well wouldn't his mom of corrected them?

  7. Grand memaw says:

    Do you really think Brian would have answered any questions I don’t believe it.

    That’s the way the law works sit back and do nothing!

  8. Rod Blues says:

    I feel encouraged to start a life of crime since the likelihood of getting caught is so low.

  9. Donna Garside says:

    NOW she's always wearing a baseball cap eh?

  10. Donna Garside says:

    You don't really believe this mistaken identity story do you JB? She doesn't have a beard!
    On another note, maybe he dressed as a cop and walked out?

  11. Sandy Prieb says:

    Did someone else kill him because of gabby. Think about it they fine the bones of brain talk about this

  12. Laffy Taffy says:

    This Police Department is a JOKE, North Port you just showed the entire country how NOT to police, you should all turn in your badges and reapply to the academy for retraining because we saw the mistakes and calls you were making along the way and you guys were so ARROGANT ABOUT WHAT YOU WERE DOING! You were supposed to have a tail on him at all times and you LOSE HIM DRIVING AWAY IN HIS MUSTANG ALL ALONE?? You’re a joke, all other LE are laughing about how you bungled this case from the start, you need to be held accountable, people who made the decisions need to be FIRED, this whole force needs to be retrained, absolute fools, missing that water bottle has sent me over the edge being in LE myself I have seen mistake after mistake, you guys must be use to writing parking tickets!

  13. moyo valentin says:

    Wow just wow

  14. Jessica Nagiewicz says:

    Does anyone else notice the mustang trunk is open?

  15. flower07 says:

    Sounds like cya to me

  16. Joe Smith says:

    Holly smokes someone just mistook me foe Brad Pitt what a great day

  17. Joe Smith says:

    If anyone believes this I gotta bridge
    To sell you

  18. Ken D says:

    The big question is WHY did they pick up his car?

  19. Mina says:

    This sounds like someone is being paid off somehow. Wouldn’t surprise me.

  20. Betsy Garcia says:

    Everybody said call leave them alone the laundry that you rest in peace Brian laundry and there was already doing that it wasn't talking to nobody there wasn't talking to no camera guy that wasn't talking to the police so where did they go and didn't check their daughter so what did they go

  21. Betsy Garcia says:

    You're telling me that the laundry that they were in their backyard planting flowers next to the pool they could not see those big ass cameras are you serious these are the same people that found remains in the middle of nowhere

  22. Dean Bacon says:

    Officers Cheech and Chong sitting in their un marked van keeping an eye on the residence when they must of had an electrical problem and couldn't see through all the smoke

  23. mary haynes says:

    my question is why did the parents even go pick his car up the next day unless they knew he had went there and killed himself. if you thought for a min he was alive why take his car so he has no way to get home . or was they in on his plan to park car there leave them keys to pick it back up and him get a ride to leave state only something went wrong and he didnt make it out of there

  24. Dennis Ramos says:

    It appears that in fact that Brian Laundrie committed Suicide that 1st week when he was declared missing. It’s a possibility when it was claimed that Brian Laundrie was in mourning due to the death of Gabby Petito, which likely his parents demonstrated lack of interest in the search of their son. Ultimately it appears that they knew after that camping excursion knew that it would be likely the last time to see Brian Laundrie alive.

  25. Aggie V says:

    Yeah, its tough to get dna with just bones, you know what may help? A sealed water bottle that lips have been on. So many anomalies

  26. peacenlovefaith says:

    So much B.S. IN THIS CASE!
    somebody screwed up, so now they have to let Brian go.
    The cops should have done more when they Stopped them.
    All the News is Backdoor News .
    They are calling the news stations and saying Come here look at this look at this.
    I call Bull he's not dead

  27. Stevanna Hughes says:

    Thank you for being the voice of reason !
    And i feel so bad fir Brians parents and that sweet girl's patents

  28. Stevanna Hughes says:

    Thank yiu for being the voice of reason! .. i felt all along Brian had ended his life. We will never know the whole story.
    I feel forhis family !

  29. Aggie V says:

    If there was a mixup: Both parents MUST have both left in the truck on Wednesday Sept 15, then 2 people return in a truck and a mustang. So if that was Brian, where did they think Roberta went?
    They started survielance on the 11th, they see "Brian leave" on the 13th, he doesn't return home for 2 sleeps, while the parents leave to allegedly look for him every day, and no issues? Then there were contradictions of whether the lawyer mentioned the hike, but now they admit to seeing him leave when people point out survielance?

  30. Wishful Thinking says:

    Your title needs to read
    "Brian Laundrie Mistaken for his Mother, Roberta Laundrie".

    If Roberta was mistaken for her son, AND
    LE was watching the son, following him, and available to stop him if he left the home, then —
    when they saw a person who they believed to be Brian, they would have stopped the car. At that point LE would have realized their mistake, in that they had actually stopped his mother.

    Instead, they mistook him for Roberta, a person they were NOT watching or trailing. So they didn't follow that person.

    They didn't stop to verify who exactly was in the car. If they had, they would have gotten Brian.

  31. Jeanine Pippin says:

    Has anybody not realize that these parents have connections somewhere up above??? I mean it is just weird because the mother did have a government job correct? Does anybody else that had this big feeling that you know somebody’s covering up for the laundry? How else

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