Road to Modern Warfare 3: I HATE CAMPERS!

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32 Responses

  1. Yung Cash Register AKA lil BROOMSTICK says:

    These old videos to me are still classic.

  2. Ricardo Costa says:

    It's so good to watch these past videos, damn it's been a long

  3. REDCOW34 says:

    dam i love old rich <3

  4. The Slice Factor says:


  5. NintendJones 64 says:

    COD in general sucks

  6. Peter says:

    Who else is here for classic review tech lol

  7. member of chat says:

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  8. Eric Larson says:

    Rich im begging you start making videos of you narrating your gameplay

  9. AzertyGames says:


  10. Raksha says:

    6:49 I'm dying of laughter.

  11. Star Supernova says:

    i only camp at strategic positions, not out of the map. out of the map campers are bs

  12. Someone Random says:


  13. techdeckdudes _ says:

    I think your problem with CoD is that while you play, you're thinking about it the wrong way. You really need to devote some effort into understanding the game. Learn the meta, gun stats, perk stats, a bunch of miscellaneous shit, kill streaks, and you need to understand how the community at large thinks. But that's if you plan on spending a large amount of time on it and maybe considering going pro. Lol.

  14. Botchamania JEEZUS says:

    heh, Holiday Doc, I get it. pls no kick in penis

  15. Gast3r Mastur says:

    <COD fanboy comment on why all these points are invalid because I like the game>

  16. Lachlant1984 says:

    You sounded so much like a radio or TV sports commentator in this video, all the fast non stop talking.

  17. Sean Walsh says:

    i had a love hate relationship with black ops and absolutely hated mw2 but mw3 was my favorite until you mention cod 4

  18. Jacob Barats says:

    well yeah if you just run into a room you're gonna get shot. Having somebody positioned in a regular spot isn't camping it's a good strategy. The only time camping is truly an issue is spawn camping and shooting from places where there is no way to shoot back.

  19. Socks in Sandals says:

    Sure newbies will get nailed by campers a bunch of times, but it is a legit tactic and if people would rather ambush everyone in one area than run around the map, that's fine. If you have the skills then you know all the places campers hide and prepare for them.

  20. Oni Games says:

    I had a problem with a camper in Black Ops yesterday. My team still won, though, and I even got the final kill for the first time ever 🙂

  21. comett itun says:

    campers are just playing the game to win. if their tactics are cheap that's a flaw of the game.

  22. Victor Winter says:

    I hate campers so much I was playing cod black ops 3 and there were campers everywhere

  23. KidRiver says:

    "Its not fair the other players are better tacticians then me and use common sense" Gets flanked "camper!" Someone dug in a good defensible position "camper!" Stop running around like an idiot, check your corners and walk don't run. Let the other idiots run and when you encounter them it will take them a second to pull up their weapon. Why am I even commenting COD is for babies anyway. Sprinting simulator.

  24. KidRiver says:

    The is no such thing as camping in war, so…

    Its called tactics

  25. Futaba Sakura says:

    Nowadays, anyone who plays the game well is either labeled a hacker or a camper.

  26. Toxic Pretender says:

    So… TRU used to be a very sexual CoD commentator?

  27. Greg E says:

    oddly enough, MW3 is actually playable because people who play now (4 years later) don;t really care about their KD, they just play for fun…watch out for hackers though :S

  28. Salvatore Ventura says:

    i used to suck at running in mw3 but now they camper the fucking shittard dweeb and im a boss

  29. MiniiShenmue24 says:

    Rather play campers than hackers. F*cking hate the hackers bitch ass!!

  30. STINKYPETE500X says:

    Lol look at your radar

  31. AcidHug says:

    you are so bad..learn to play and then start saying crap.

  32. tommy8ball2007 says:

    for some reason a silenced shotgun works really well for me on this map.

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