Rick and Morty – Both Jerry's death scenes

Jerry’s death scenes.
All rights to the creators Adult Swim, Turner EST
im not making money on it…..


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30 Responses

  1. PeptoBismol says:

    i don’t think anyone’s mentioned this yet but rick looks relieved when jerry gets revived at 1:07

  2. Da BLAZINGBRYAN says:

    “I’m a good person.” He says before bum rushing a corpse to skull f**k it.

  3. Just a guy with a good photo says:

    Jerry really died with his ass cheek’s hanging out… he must stank 2 hours later

  4. 6 16 says:

    1:06 Rick's actually doesn't know what to do if Jerry actually died

  5. Toxic Gamer says:

    The first one was hard to watch…

  6. Conn Toons says:

    0:34 That animation

  7. FakieyZ says:

    By far my favorite scenes in the show.

  8. The Thing says:

    this video make a smile on me face 😀

  9. CloudMan 123 says:

    I like how in the first death, rick was just shocked while everyone else was at least tearing up.

  10. adam edward says:

    I watch this on repeat because I hate Jerry and I want him to suffer.

  11. gary stewart says:

    Congratulations, you get to die a man

  12. Ameer khan says:

    You could hear Rick screaming when jerry got shot…meaning he actually does care about jerry

  13. funny stuff says:

    So with the inmoartal shield do you still feel the pain

  14. James Glamstar says:

    There are new ones

  15. Bacon Boy says:

    This was satisfying

  16. JustARandomPlayer 2 says:

    i love how in the first scene the whole smith family is in tears and rick has a face like
    Holy shit did that just happen

  17. carlos muller says:

    Is anyone hate Jerry or like Jerry

  18. Clunckin’ Memes says:

    Greatest moments of Rick and Morty

  19. AccurateMemin says:

    I like how everyone cries when he gets shot to death, meanwhile Rick is probably thinking "Holy shit, they had a lot of ammo."

  20. Izuku Midoriya says:

    Why do i find this immortality cafe more dangerous then any other place in the multiverse cuz u except the least here just like those kids playing by shooting eachother

  21. Clown says:

    Imagine that one person watching this without context.

  22. Maurwin Roi Guevarra says:

    1:21 jerry became smart for 2 seconds

  23. Navajo Joe says:

    Yooo legate lanius is in this

  24. Cooper Noble says:

    Nuzzy guzzy fresh and fluzzy special

  25. Jay T. says:

    Jerry is terrible at not acting suspicious

  26. _fxck._.mondays_ says:

    ricks not dreaming sorry guys

  27. Hazel Ramos says:

    At the end the kid shot the girl and the girl didn’t come back to life and he called her name

  28. Danterik says:

    These moments are when the viewers felt the happiest

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