Repair Your Credit and Raise Your Credit Score in 30 days BY YOURSELF

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Information from the video:

All 3 free credit reports:

Check your credit scores and reports for free every day:

Official Dispute Template:

Credit Bureau Addresses:

P.O. Box 7404256
Atlanta, GA 30374-0256

Dispute Department
P.O. Box 9701
Allen, TX 75013

Consumer Solutions
P.O. Box 2000
Chester, PA 19022-2000

(You may use these, or the ones in the video. They all work.)

I will answer any questions asked in the comments.


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24 Responses


    Great Day BOB,
    TELL ME; What's your take on Removing/ and/or Deleting " CHARGE-OFFS, from your Credit Report " ? Thanx in advance for your assistance.


  3. Rapheal Jewel says:

    I keep wondering why my collection payment is not going accordingly i was so unhappy because i don't hole on my card but i came in contact with a comment here about derickwalker454 on how he got some credit fixed i quickly hurry and contact Derickwalker454 on IG and he give me what i never expected he is very good use him and follow instructions real good

  4. Eric says:

    David improved my credit in about two weeks. My present score show 815 on my equifax with all my derogatory remarks taken off, thanks to his credit expertise. Reach out to him on. + 1 4 6 9 – 3 3 6 – 8 8 5 6

  5. Eric says:

    My credit got fixed in a week with charges off removed. Thanks to David, a credit expert. He improved my credit from 591 to 630 and now 805. You can text/call him up on 4 6 9 – 3 3 6 – 8 8 5 6.

  6. Andrew Hunter says:

    My credit is fixed. Down below mid 600 as at the time we started working together. But now am 785 on my experian which is just fine for me . Reach out to him on +1 310-986-2321


    What would be thee proper way to "REMOVE & or DELETE CHARGE-OFFS, from Credit Reports".

  8. DJ Jack says:

    Thank you for the video! Does this process still work in 2020?


    The CREDIT REPAIR COMPANIES haven't contacted you about this Video ?

  10. Rapheal Jewel says:

    derickwalker454 un Insta is good in credit repair i got help from him

  11. Bill Supan says:

    i thought i have lost my credit score totally through the help of derickwalker454 on instagram he is legit

  12. Bill Supan says:

    wow i am so happy i just got my credit score fixed through the help of derickwalker454 on instagram he is legit

  13. Gail Marie says:

    Thank you, you’re great!

  14. Demetria Brown says:

    Dont say its boring knowledge is power.

  15. David Stewart says:

    Hi great video , however it's now may,2020. Will this still apply to the current date or have some of the procedures updated /changed from 3 years ago . Seems like a majority of the how to videos are geared with disputing the colection creditors directly . ( my situation is only for medical collections ) your video shows just dealing with the 3 credit agency's and it seems to be a simpler way to handle this . Thank you in advance e if your still following this from a 3 year old video

  16. James Well says:

    Great work, this very good for me now getting my credit fixed by legit ones, meet maxline_solution on IG

  17. Teresita Velez says:

    Yes I would like to learn

  18. Janet Calies says:

    He raised my FICO credit score from 340 to 820 in time☺. He cleared all my debts and collections on my report. Exclusively for U.S and Canada citizens. Text elite I.T expert on +1-325-261-3498 or brian247solutions@gmailcom

  19. Janet Calies says:

    He raised my FICO credit score from 340 to 820 in time. He cleared all debt and collections on my report and helped pay off my bills. Exclusively for U.S and Canada citizens. Contact trusted bank I.T expert on Whatsapp +1-201-201-1042 or hangout/email (starkbrian5@gmailcom)

  20. Loony Catige says:

    I saw lot reviews about him , who as done it legit from pls?

  21. Plant Based Tay says:

    Ok thank you! I truly don’t mean to bug you lol. I just want to get these done and mailed off today! My last question is, do you think that it will be ideal to dispute all the addresses that do not match my current driver’s license? And if so, should I also include that in my overall dispute letter? Or should I mail off that request separately during a later time?

  22. Plant Based Tay says:

    Hey Bob, I was doing some additional research and heard that credit bureaus push these dispute letters through a machine…basically to generate if the letters are from a template or close to other dispute letters. Not sure how true that is but would you recommend that I had write the letter? Will that up my chances of them removing the accounts off of my report?

  23. Plant Based Tay says:

    Is there a way I can email or contact you. I have further questions about the correct address that I should use in the letters as far as the debt collection companies. Also what should I do afterwards if they debt collectors validate the debt?

  24. DataBass says:

    This link will take you to the part in my other video where I get in-depth about the dispute process:
    Don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have!

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