Removing Accounts From a Credit Report – Why is it So Hard?

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Today we’re answering a frequently asked question about why it’s so hard to remove accounts from a credit report and the difference between doing it the right way with a credit sweep and the wrong way with dispute letter templates and online disputes.

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⭐️ Video notes:
Hey. So today is another
frequently asked question Wednesday. And what we are
talking about today is why it’s so damn difficult to remove
negative items. You see, here’s the deal. Here’s the problem. So
many people want you to think that you just send some letters
in wham, bam, thank u ma’am your negative items are gone
permanently, and your score is going to jump through the roof.
Some 50, 100, 200 points, right, honey, it does not work like
that. Okay. So I’ve had to answer this question like 50
times this week. And obviously I have videos that go into this
and explain this in detail and everything. But if it were that
simple, if it was so easy as just sending a couple letters to
remove whatever right collection is charged offs, bankruptcies,
repossessions, foreclosures, what ever then why are there
68 million people with bad credit? Why aren’t there
partnerships with dealerships and mortgage lenders and the
loan officers and all of that with like credit people, right?
Because it would obviously guarantee the sale, they live
off commission and it, everybody would be happy. They’d all go
home with a nice fat check, right? It doesn’t work like
that. It does not work like that. And so many people fall
for either the FOMO, fear of missing out, right? Or the whole
shebang about sending these few letters, these four magical
letters, and I’m going to make your life so simple. And we’re
just going to, again, to those negative items that have been
hounding, you making it so that you can get a job so that you
can’t get your credit card so that you can get your house so
that you can get your car so that you can get your kids into
a better school. So you can get the things that you need to not
just want, but need to, I’m going to make you all go away.
So simple, right wrong. Your credit is the one thing, mostly
one thing that determines where you live, where you work, what
you drive and even the food on your table. Okay. So that’s why
it’s not so easy. So these negative items go on your credit
report because they know just how difficult it is to remove
them. So the problem isn’t why does this take so long? Right?
The problem is, why am I thinking that it’s so easy? Why
am I thinking about some easy, well, I’m going to tell you why
you’re thinking that it’s so easy and it’s because of these
fake gurus, these courses, these videos, and these fake
preachers, these fake-ass preachers out there trying to
get into your wallet. Okay. So that is the deal. Now here’s the
question here is the main question. Is it possible to
remove collections, charge us repossessions foreclosures, late
payments, bankruptcies, judgments, tax liens. Yes. Yes,
it is. It just has to be done the right way. When it is on the
right way, then you can move on with your life. You can say, you
know, Tata for now, right. And get where you need to be. Now,
when I say do it the right way, it means factual based disputes. No
onliness disputes, no identity theft. Um, no police reports. No, no, none
of that stuff. Right.

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