Matthew Pillmore, president of VIP Financial Education, calls into a collection agency, talks to a debt collector and has a collection account removed from his credit report. Learn how to remove collections from your credit report in today’s video.

Matthew Pillmore having an account go to collections!? Something about that sounds off… Well, there is something off about it and in today’s video Matt walks you through how an account went to collections in error and how he was able to get it removed from his credit report. He even talks on the phone with a debt collection agency in this video, so you can see first hand the best way to handle these types of situations so you can make sure that credit report stays clean and that FICO credit score stays high! (always want to have that good credit!!)

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37 Responses

  1. Dr. Diaz says:

    Credit karma doesnt provide Experian report

  2. Bhawna Malhi says:

    Great video to watch out regarding "remove collections from credit report". Thanks for sharing this post! Indeed it is very much useful one.

  3. Manuel Dominguez says:

    I have a nagging collection on my credit report for $871. Should I try and settle for less? How do I negotiate to have this debt removed from my credit report?

  4. Margo Lijadu says:

    Yes love the video encore monsieur

  5. Willie R. Blackburn says:

    Did they require your SSN to verify your identity? I was asked for that information.

  6. kary jimenez says:

    Hi. I had negotiated and paid a collection before actually be reported onto my credit I did it around march 2020 now today oct 2020 just saw on my Experian account that there is a collection that is reported from the previous one that I had paid. what should I do any advice? please. my score dropped from 710 to 652 also all the evidence from that payment that o did I throw it away So I have no prove any prove to talk to that collection that I had paid unless a proof from my checking account that it was dropped that amount to paid. please any advice

  7. Grumpy Cat says:

    Yes , but had you asked for it in writing she would have told you to go fish…..

  8. Magnet Soldier Cephas says:

    This is very helpful and I just had two collections hit my credit report hard and it couldn’t have been worse timing. In debt relief and need to pay rent. Dropped one of my credit scores by almost 50 pts. I’ve been so good on payments and bills and need to get these off ASAP as I also just got married and need to move forward in life. Thank you for your help!!!

  9. LaTaunda Frazier says:

    Will it always be 30 to 40 days in total removal? Thanks for this video.. it was just what I was looking for!!

  10. United Destiny Entertainment says:

    I definitely don’t recommend anyone paying collections unless they can prove it is your debt with a signed contract agreement. The only other time I recommend it is when you are in desperate need to clean your credit up to buy a home. But I would absolutely 100% dispute it first. Dispute letters have removed a bunch of collections accounts off my credit over the years simply from there being no evidence it was mine. If it’s a trusted company who was good to you then simply pay it and keep the relationship Golden. That’s what I did, you can do whatever you works for you.

    Be advised if you agree to debt that isn’t yours, you will be liable to pay it. I almost got scammed out of $9,000 because it appeared to be for student loans and turns out it was not accurate. I disputed it and it was removed in 30 days.

  11. Annie Love says:

    Thanks for this video ! They always have a rebuttal instead of just giving you what you want thank, you!!

  12. Michael Hogg says:

    How can Hospital Bills affect my credit and get them removed from my credit report as this is the majority of what is on my credit file? #HELP

  13. Jared Highlands says:

    I just saw that I have one that just appeared from something that allegedly happened two years ago. Lost like 20-50 points depending on which I look at. Is 170$ am debating on challenging it or trying to pay a part of it in a. Offer like half or something

  14. Jay p917839 says:

    I have an account that went to collections about a year ago and I was told that I couldn’t request it be removed from my credit report for two years since it went to collections which is in August of this year. Is this true or are they lying?

  15. No-Shame_Team says:

    Shouldn't you wait for a letter from the creditor stating the account will be removed from your credit report prior to you paying the account?

  16. Jeremiah Franz says:

    Wow I didn't realize this was actually possible to do, only ever thought it was just rumors. I unfortunately had an issue with verizon and just hit all 3 of the agencies and dropped my score 46 points. Should this approach work with old cell phone balances left over after switching carriers as well? Would you pay the full amount for best chance in negotiations to have it removed? Thank you for your video I just liked and subscribed to your channel

  17. Keyser Söze says:

    What happens if you paid the account through collections? Can I still get removed? It's a money mart loan.

  18. Roscoe Buns says:

    I paid them all already can I still get a deletion?

  19. J A says:

    Great channel! Thanks

  20. Ryan Briley says:

    I removed a few collections and my credit score dropped to 760. Is there any reason for that?

  21. Noel Rodriguez says:

    Question they want me to pay in full and after they agreed to send me an email confirmation that they will delete the collection from all 3 credit reporting agencies. Shouldn't i ask for a letter stating that they will accomplish their promise to delete from all 3 credit reporting agencies after i pay?

  22. rj mcgraw says:

    Great stuff but you have a long video with to much fluff.

  23. Aj Jones says:

    I've been trying to pay a collection account for several months. They refuse to send or provide a deletion letter, so my question is can I send a money order instead with a note by the endorsement line? Something like……Endorsement of this m/o agrees to remove full debit from all credit report from said account??? Because each month this is hindering me from improving my credit.

  24. Chakrit Sasorn says:

    I have a quick question. I have tried to negotiate the payment with the debt collector , however; this did not went well. I asked them if they could remove from credit report in exchange for payment in full. They refused to remove. All they said was they can ONLY updated on the credit report. Who can I tackle this situation

  25. Stephanie Pierre says:

    What would you tecommend for someone who has an apartment on yheire collections and have been trying to get it removed for years now. Should i settle and make payments?

  26. Evie Parrott says:

    Should u get a document before paying the debt that they are actually going to remove/delete from credit report? If not how do u know they really will remove it

  27. Ash Doe says:

    I verified my name but not the debt in question but still gave them $100 to not pursuit a lawsuit. I never said I was aware of this bill in question. They emailed me a docusign but I'm hesitant to sign. This is a medical bill by the way.

  28. Richard Martin says:

    Collection agencies purchase paperwork open account that you don't have a contract with that's why you never pay a collection agency. When a collection agency comes after you it's not because you owe them it's because you didn't counter the argument that you have a contract as they work towards establishing one. It's called tacit acquiescence, if you're silent after they tell you you owe a debt for 30 days that establishes the contract. The rebut should be prove that I owe this alleged debt that I know nothing about. Because it's just paper and they're trying to get you to acquiesce. Number to never pay the face value if you're going to pay a debt collector, debt collectors pay pennies on the dollar for the account and they will settle for much less just a little over what they paid for the account to get rid of it. To rebut or the best rebuttal is to send them a letter known as exorcise inequity they must respond and if they don't then you win the argument of no contract they can't give you anything because they don't own the debt. The information requested inside the exercise of equity can't be found and a secondary account and that information is what establishes a debt which makes you in a liability whether it's yours or not.

  29. Luis Arocho says:

    Negotiate a settlement payment to pay less than what's owed and boost your Fico score. So for example, if your debt is $3,500, pay a settlement of $2,000 and clear the debt.

  30. April says:

    So here new one for you I am dealing with. I checked credit carma and found out I bought Tesla Car for 46,000 dollars and it was 2 years ago here the kicker it 60month loan paying 79.00 a month. Then it is in good standing with no payments made just added one week ago. Only reported on Equifax??? I called Equifax and they are investing it and it dropped me 25 points . Equifax thinks added on wrong report I guess we will see!

  31. Uk Uk says:

    A discount on my debt can affect my credit file score

  32. Christine M says:

    Yes… Please keep these videos up there big help. Thank you

  33. thomas cochran says:

    I have 2 collections that are very small the combined amount is less than $200, and its in no way a financial burden for me to pay them. The catch my relative paid them more than 5 years ago, but failed to put it into writing and as such cannot provide proof of payment. I am happy to resolve but not at the expense reopening the account just for it to cause my credit score to plummet. The last activity on the collection was 2015, and that was me inquiring why it was still showing up after having paid a year earlier. Should I pay or not? And if so how do I do so. My credit score has been steadily climbing and I'm getting very near the 700 mark, and its slow growth is mainly due to my student debt as I just started graduate school, and thus my debt grows.

  34. leonard fields says:

    How do I get a paid collection off my credit report

  35. Dee Car says:

    I have a question if i pay in full to ic system is it true they dont send out a letter till 30 days after i will receive a deletion letter? Thankyou in advance for response.

  36. Casey Twist says:

    After paying a collection, can that debt collector sell the same debt again, causing the same debt to show up again on your report, but under a new collector this time?

  37. Penelope C says:

    So very helpful!

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