REMOVE BANKRUPTCY From Your CREDIT Report FAST By Doing THIS…😳[Secrets Revealed!!]

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So I did extreme research on how to remove bankruptcy from my mom’s credit report and we found these steps useful to help remove Chapter 7 bankruptcy removal from her credit report.

Steps to remove bankruptcy:

1. Contact Lexis Nexis at (888) 497-0011 and request a freeze on your Lexis Nexis report. A simple request “I would like to place a freeze on my file.”
2. Wait 48 hours (2 days) from the time you know your Lexis Nexis file has been frozen and send in your dispute to the credit reporting agencies by mail that the has been BK listed.
3. The credit reporting agencies will try to verify with Lexis Nexis and they will not be able to because your file is frozen.
4. You will receive your dispute results by mail. (BK deleted)

All files must have a credit freeze prior to getting a bankruptcy, tax lien, or judgment removed.
The 609 letters can be used to remove theses public records that are reporting on the 3 credit bureaus. Use the public record removal letter for these types of accounts.

To remove public records i.e. Tax liens, judgments, & bankruptcies, you must contact the following third party reporting agencies & have your consumer files frozen. You also should suppress files as well especially with

1. , . (A.R.S.) – (800) 392-8911
2. – (888) 497-9172 
3. – (888) 395-0277 
4. / – (877) 532-8778 
5. – (800) 540-2505 
6. 1-844-773-3321 

7. . 1-866-390-3118 

8. 1-800-884-4747 option #5 or 1-888-222-7621 

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor or credit repair agency. I only express my opinion based on my experience. Your experience may be different. These videos are for educational and inspirational purposes only. I do not repair individuals credit or offer any credit repair services at this time. I’m only sharing tips and tricks that worked for me during my journey of repairing my own credit.

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29 Responses

  1. Queen Elle says:

    Can I dispute chapter 7 before the 7 years period?

  2. Nikki B says:

    It's this weird company called LCI doing Transunion ones now. They said they dont have to comply as they are not a reporting agency.

  3. Illya Killings says:

    I disputed bankruptcies online through experian and they sent me the results saying “the company verified” this
    I froze everything on here as well prior to my dispute..whats the next step or additional steps in disputing these???


  4. Christina Bowleg says:

    do I have to wait for the chp 13 to be discharged or can I do this prior to?

  5. Chris Fiore says:

    Not mine doesn’t work lexis nexus still reports to the bureaus even if it’s frozen

  6. CL's Repair Services says:

    So.. 1.) call all those places and freeze accounts. 2.) Wait for their letters in the mail. 3.) And then send a certified letter to the three bureaus disputing to verify bankruptcy. Done right?

  7. Taurus Goddess says:

    Do we also freeze Transunion/Experian/Equifax or just what is on the list?

  8. Williams Fam says:

    I need the letters u send to the courts to verify

  9. Blackcoffee S says:

    Hi DSB! So I called credco and they don't freeze for the 3 credit beauros. Only for background checks and if you are looking for a mortgage or car loan.

  10. Paparazzi On Site says:

    Do you suggest sending disputes to CRA with certified mail for proof of receipt?

  11. Taurus Goddess says:

    Will this also remove all of the accounts listed under my bankruptcy?

  12. LaWanda says:

    I have 2 dismissed chapter 13s I’d like to get rid of, but I already placed a credit freeze with all 3 bureaus. Do I need to unfreeze them before I dispute?

  13. Randy Smith says:

    How old was your moms bankruptcy?

  14. Harold Roacher says:

    Do you have a video like this for foreclosures?

  15. STEPHxNJ says:

    Desiger Soapbox Do You Do Credit Repair, Please Send Me Information As To

  16. Kym Combs says:

    Long storyshort. Trusted a family member who rented my home with mortgage information to pay mortgage. after some time they became late and i didnt know because the information never came to me because they changed contact information at bank. One day I physically went by to get mail and saw letter talking about foreclosure. The foreclosure was to far for me to pay and i had just had a modification when the family member moved in, so that was not an option. Family member fessed up and i guess thought they were helping me and filed for a bankruptcy on my behalf. I never completed it, so it was just on file. i did not know that this would be on my credit. I need it off. Does this GEM work your speaking of in this video workfor my situation. I had paid lexington law and the bankruptcy is off one but still on trans union and equifax. what do i do?

  17. LaWanda says:

    I have 2 chapter 13’s that are dismissed. The reason I have 2 is bcz I did not use an attorney. I was trying to stop an eviction, but when I went to try to add another month’s rent to the bankruptcy, but the guy filed another one. About a month later, I ended up losing my job. They are scheduled to fall off in January and March 2021. Since I’m looking to purchase a home soon, should I wait for them to fall off, or try to have them removed sooner? They are the only thing standing in the way of an increased fico.

  18. Cathy Tinnel says:

    I bought the book yesterday and still have not been able to download. It shot me to another page for some trial membership I checked I didn’t want.

  19. Harvey Wilson says:

    Does this work if I live at address of the bankruptcy

  20. Renee Lowe says:

    What is suppressing your file? Is a credit freeze the same as a a fraud alert? what are the differences?

  21. Harold Roacher says:

    Will this work for foreclosure too

  22. True Blue says:

    Is this ok to also do this for other things like collections and medical bills?

  23. Celebr8_TWC says:

    Please clarify if "freezing" is the same as "opt-out." Thank you!

  24. shay barkley says:

    Good morning do I need to call all these companies first

  25. William Alvarado says:

    To understand correctly, I call these 8 third party’s that you have mentioned here to have my files Freeze and after the BK is deleted, do I call to unfreeze??? I appreciate your response, Thank you.

  26. Jetbluee says:

    Just shared this with my family thanks

  27. Daniel Israel says:

    Very informative, thank you.

  28. calvin Washington says:

    It's showing discharge on my credit report

  29. calvin Washington says:

    I had to file for bankruptcy I've been discharged

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