Removal DHS for my Social Security Number | Filipina American Couple

Removal DHS for my SSN (social security number) at Pensacola Florida USA.

DHS authorization means that a person can work temporarily in the US. If you have this type of social security card, it means that you will need to show your green card and other documents showing that you can work legally in the US. There are social security numbers that don’t allow you to work at all.

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6 Responses

  1. Emmanuel says:

    Can i work with "DHS" restriction in apps like instacart or uber?

  2. Pilar Vlogs USA says:

    Ako sis ssn ko may DHS parin. Di ko pa napatanggal.

  3. Sugar Baltazar says:

    Soon ako rin!


    Marami talaga asikasuhin na papeles dito sa US at importante din talaga regarding SSN

  5. Mike&Judith LasVegas says:

    mayron palang ganun sis mabuti akin walang ganyan

  6. Lean Asuncion says:


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