Regenerador Metabolism and Biology | Resident Evil 4 Lore | Regenerator Lore, Breathing and Sounds

Have you ever wanted to learn about fornite lore? Me Neither! But then why did I make this video? Who knows! Watch it anyways and find out! Plz dont unsub

Thanks for watching my Roanoke Gaming guys and I hope you enjoy 100 drop into Resident Evil 4 Lore | The Regenerator (Regenerador) | Or is it Fortnite Lore? Oh god

Now that nobody actually reads the description, this video is over the lore and morphology of the Regeneradors from Resident Evil 4! I hope you guys enjoy it!



Lightless Dawn by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Ice Demon by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


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42 Responses

  1. Lord Galvatron says:

    This thing makes me want to put a P90 in .50 Beowolf

  2. ĎŕëąmīñgŠhăđøwPłăýž (Đ.Ś.P) says:

    when i see a regenerator i will shoot all its body parts with a shotgun to take down the las plagas to kill the regenerator

  3. Joyeuse says:

    there's a 4rth way to kill them, only works with regenerators though, no iron maidens, basically you make them fall and attack them with the knife repeatedly nonstop, they can't get up because they are focusing on healing but you are dealing more damage than they can heal, eventually the damage will outweigh the healing so much it basically goes overdrive and self destructs… granted this only works on 1 vs 1 situations, and is a bug-ish side effect of the programming, but hey it works

  4. Serpent of the Blue Flame says:

    That intro gained a sub from me

  5. Don't ask me bro says:

    An amusing attempt at explaining video game physics which break all physics and basically require magic.

  6. Kiseki says:

    3:28 I've never played a Resident Evil game, and when I saw that happen I invented a new noise to vent my fear

  7. Chris W says:

    RE4 needs a remaster

  8. Vahria RPG says:

    Poor Regeneradores. They will only hug you.

  9. Razi Atlantic says:

    that thing makes my entire childhood nightmare dream he's breathing all need to make me F this I am out.

  10. TinyTitan 114 says:

    Ah yes no head on their hair that makes sense

  11. Contevent says:

    Very interesting. It would definitly mean they are vulnerable to fire and heat. A flame thrower would make them explode very quickly, while forcing their regeneration in à hot environement could make them overheat as well.

    It could be why they are so slow. They minimize movement in order to stay as cold as possible

  12. Polite Kat says:

    Could you cover ustanak as well?

  13. TheTaintedWisdom says:

    0:20 – Damn… and here I, a Grammar Nazi, was about to roast you for the misspelling…
    Fortunately, I had the foresight to actually click on the video and watch it before making an ass out of myself.
    4:50 – Though I did catch "no head on their hair"
    9:05 – If I recall correctly, this is not entirely true. While you most certainly take out a Regenerador with enough shots, none of those shots will actually kill the Parasites and they can only be destroyed via a weapon that is using the Thermal Scope. From a logical standpoint, this makes absolutely no sense, but if we tackle it that way, we could assume that if enough damage is inflicted, the parasites will be overworked to the point of exhaustion trying to compensate for it. Either dying then and there, or expiring soon after due to lacking a host before reaching a stage that no long requires one.

  14. Maria Stevens says:

    Dude your intro made me pop a rib

  15. Havik Taylor says:

    Btw the regenerator with spikes is called "Iron Maiden" and theres maybe 2 in the whole game lol the others show up alot

  16. Nuka Hyatt says:

    4:50 no head on their hair

  17. Xehanort10 says:

    I'm guessing some Regenerators were in a freezer on the island to give their bodies time to adapt to the Plaga parasite.

  18. Xehanort10 says:

    1:40 So that's what's wrong with crazy cat ladies?

  19. Odinfang says:

    Re5 brought back El Gigante but couldn’t bring back this absolute nightmare? Think of the situation if Chris and Sheva got ambushed by these guys in the jeep lol

  20. Tmoddrummer 35 says:

    It’s the mold from RE 7/8

  21. timebomb456 says:

    you know with what happens to Leon in the cutscenes
    his eyes turn red which as you've said indicate burst capillaries in the eyes but they seem to disappear as quickly as they are formed

  22. A-10 Warthog says:

    When I was 14, I played RE4 for the first time. I remember getting at some point in the game and only hearing the murmuring, without seeing the thing. I remember standing on a corner and looking around for half hours. I was quite scared.

    Oh yes, I ran away from the Verdugo.

  23. Nick Sickmore says:

    Well, Fortnite is horrid, childish bullshit…. IF people did get upset & unsubscribe for said joke, good riddance, y’didn’t want them around anyways…. I mean, Fortnite?!?! Gag

  24. Me want Krinkov says:

    1:22 L i v e r

  25. kami5005 says:

    What about flashbang grenades? It only takes a couple of those to kill a Regenerador. Would it be the blinding light or the bang killing it? I don't think it would be the bang since it's just a high dB sound designed to temporarily deafen targets, not terminate with a concussive blast.

    Similar to other las plagas, they seem to be light sensitive. Why would light cause them to explode?

  26. Pepe the Frog says:

    Ah yes, these creepy fucks. I still remember my first encounter with the Regenerador. The panic sets in and then you get bit and it's almost impossible to get them off in harder modes. LOL Especially the Iron Maiden.

  27. Mashed Potatoes says:

    Let’s vote.
    If you like Fortnite, hit like.
    If you despise it with every cell of your mortal form, hit dislike.

  28. S. M. says:

    Regenerador has some jiggly thunder thighs.

  29. Dry Steak says:

    It speeds up there metabolism that’s why they’re a skinny legend

  30. vincent ender says:

    Ah yes, that breathing in surround soun and right behind you.

  31. Koji says:

    I think they're cute

  32. Swozzle says:

    I’ve recently started playing resident evil 4 for the first time and when I got to the regenerador part, I played it without sound and had the life scared out of me when looking at luis’ note

  33. Naveron says:

    regeneradors: haha, you can't kill me if you don't have the heat scope
    Leon in new game+: say hello to my friend the infinite rocket launcher

  34. Sherwin says:

    I was half a second from the back button at the start

  35. zurp says:

    hear me out

    pyramid head? 😉

  36. Dean Spence says:

    Toxoplasma in humans can also make the human host get involved with riskier activities – sky diving, high speed driving etc. The parasite wants to be back in a feline host and that's its way of trying to do that.

  37. Sanfloo says:

    Why is no one talking about 5:00

  38. Alien Observer says:

    But why create such thing capcom. Why??

  39. Jon T says:

    Is it worrying that my snoring/breathing when I'm asleep sounds like the regenerator?

  40. Roanoke Gaming says:

    I hope you guys enjoy the video! If it seems a little odd, just watch it anyways!

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