Ranking Every Death in The Suicide Squad

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James Gunn promised to deliver on multiple Suicide Squad deaths in his 2021 sequel/reboot/whatever it is. And boy did he. So here we go through every single death we saw ranking them from 12 to 1. From Peacemaker killing Rick Flagg to Captain Boomerang being eviscerated by a helicopter, we got it covered. Thanks for watching!

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24 Responses

  1. BroMoment 123 says:

    TDK isn’t dead tho!

  2. Oof says:

    Blackguard literally has no face.

  3. Maddy’s Videos says:

    4:59 is clever lol

  4. lev frank says:

    Uh guys weasel didn’t die.
    You clearly didn’t watch the ENTIRE movie.
    Do you really thing that Gunn would kill if his brother first or even att all

  5. Zolokiniir says:

    dude these deaths are fucking trash, and half the cast in the first 10 minutes??
    just as shitty as the first one

  6. MichaelBFDII wong says:

    I thought you are gonna put Starro on top

  7. izaccmemer says:

    Milton should be number 1 Rick flag should number 2 captin boomerang should be numer 3nrest I agree

  8. IUsedTheWiki says:

    The second I saw the thinker my fucking doctor who senses went through the roof

  9. DiamondDelorean says:

    Whats annoying is in this video they say wezeal dies even though he acturly dosnt lol I hope that was just an oversight and that they watched the end credit scene.

    Edit: lol they obviously missed the end credits cause they also said peacemaker died when he is getting his own TV series cause he was in the hospital alive at the end.

  10. Gabe Batalla says:

    Who else was sad when Polkadot man died

  11. Tyron The conqueror says:

    Did they watch the end credits?

  12. John Constantine says:

    Weasel survived. Edit: god damn you Mr Sunday Movies, i've been bamboozled.

  13. porge master says:

    Peacemaker didn't die because in the end credits you see him alive and the peacemaker tv series comes out 2022

  14. Ben Vogelpohl says:

    I think we were all equally pissed off at Polka Dot Man’s death

  15. iron man 6 ytv says:

    The weasel didn't die at the end of the movie he goes out of the water

  16. seeth willsy says:

    I was soo close to commenting about peacemaker and weazel

  17. Pear says:

    the lgbtq community were hurt when polka dot man died. love loses

  18. Arthur Morgan says:

    Man I thought Pete Davidson was gonna have a big role in this cause he’s a well known (notsomuch)actor and comedian, but then I thought, wait it’s Pete Davidson

  19. Mom says:

    Peace keeper is not dead he recovering in a hospital at the end of the movie

  20. Heidi Avera says:

    I would like El Diablo to come back

  21. Darcy Haylen says:

    Poor Jai Courtenay finally gets a role he is good at and they drop a helicopter on him.

  22. Meke Kell says:

    Ur so fucken desperate for money it’s pretty funny how you’re going rn holy shit

  23. Xander Kyle says:

    TDK isn't death!

  24. Ty Mickelson says:

    Weasel didnt die. At the end, it was revealed he was still alive.

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