R-Rated Movies That Took Things Way Too Far

R-rated movies are meant to push boundaries. Whether through risqué love scenes, gory action sequences, or even an extra helping of colorful language, audiences going into an R-rated movie have an expectation for something more extreme than your typical PG-13 fare.
While a lot of the time, these creative choices serve to enhance a grittier narrative, there are instances where a movie’s gratuitousness is just a little too gratuitous. These are the movies that push the MPAA’s restrictions for no other reason than to see how far they can be pushed — and for some, the result is a complete flop, both with critics and audiences. Here are some R-rated movies that went too far.

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The Hunt | 0:00
The Interview | 1:33
Movie 43 | 2:53
The Hangover Part II | 3:47
Zack and Miri Make a Porno | 4:41
The Hills Have Eyes 2 | 5:36
Postal | 6:47
Boat Trip | 7:45
Natural Born Killers | 8:25
Revenge of the Nerds | 9:40
Apocalypse Now | 10:35

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37 Responses

  1. Dimitri Warchief says:

    Their called r rated films

  2. Dean Gullberry says:

    WAAAAHHH!!! The conservatives were the heroes…
    Yeah, they were fighting to survive….

  3. Adam Bowman says:

    I thought Movie 43 was going to be awesome. I mean the casting looked amazing. Then I watched it and thought what were these people thinking. It was a train-wreck.

  4. Corey Pierce says:

    Sounds like this list may be for the easily offended soy boys.

  5. Brian Weatherman says:

    The metoo movement is a friggin joke. So are the douchebags that apologize for being "insensitive". Grow some balls people.

  6. LibtardsStillCant SilenceMe15 says:

    Awwww. Poor Rogan. Traumatized with all those millions of dollars. And traumatized by WHAT?! I personally know guys who carried the pieces of their friends to the HMMWV, after an ambush. Where their millions, Rogan?

  7. pandaeyes42 says:

    R Rated Films?



  8. Kevin Peters says:

    Cannibal Holocaust -"Hold my beer"

  9. Aston Matthews says:

    Shows that modern sentiment is fragile to the point of stupidity

  10. n n says:

    It saddens me that some many people are so whiny about fictional depictions. If someone does not like a movie, don't watch it. Problem solved, you're welcome.

  11. Jessie says:

    Retroactive outrage. Hilarious. !!!

  12. ejand2ks says:

    The Hunt went to far? Yeah, not watching this.

  13. Jake Beck says:

    You put Revenge of the Nerds on this list but not Porky's…

  14. Craig Letteney says:

    I love Tommy lee Jones in NBK. And it is just a violent movie rather then critical of them. It still a good movie tho.

  15. TheCbmt says:

    People today are weak

  16. Sphinx 10 says:


  17. Ненад Илић says:

    Just change the name of the channel to liberal.

  18. brian duffy says:

    You will never understand natUral born killers ever : mickey and Mallory are fallen angels

  19. elliot Stannard says:

    11:15… No. This point is irrelevant.

  20. elliot Stannard says:

    The fact this video criticises a film for essentially denouncing a Stalinist dictator should set the tone of what you should expect…

  21. elliot Stannard says:

    What revenge of the nerds is "insidious" now? Grow up! ❄️

  22. elliot Stannard says:

    The fact that there are more likes then dislikes on this video makes me wonder if removal of dislikes is part of Looper's arsenal.

  23. elliot Stannard says:

    4:10 this is an example of degraded mainstream media outlets using "hot topic" tabloid issues that don't actually contribute to news or information as a substitute for real information.

  24. apartsart says:

    Wow! This seems like a list of some great movies they are trying to cancel because it’s too violent for them uggg….. I hate cancel culture

  25. biotic god says:

    movie 43 was trash

  26. Justin Wells says:

    "…writer and director Oliver Stone"
    Quentin Tarantino wrote the screenplay for Natural Born Killers

  27. Kenneth Conklin says:

    It’s also exciting (in a Brave New World and 1984 sort or way) to see Revenge of the Nerds get criticized 35 years later due to changes in social comedy norms. Younger generations are thin-skinned, Uber-sensitive, and soft. They wouldn’t hang survived the ‘80s, so criticism is an easy way to mask it. Pathetic.

  28. Kenneth Conklin says:

    Yep, Hollywood is bad at knowing it’s limits. The Purge is leftist fantasy of what the right wants to do. The Hunt was a leftist projection of taking down the right. Funny thing though: Team America succeeded because it was actually funny, animated, and took down Hollywood in a way the heartland could appreciate. Could anyone outside the coasts truly enjoy The Hunt?

  29. Len Mulaski says:

    Funny how Revenge of the Nerds & Apocalypse Now went on for decades until some woketard liberals got their panties in a bunch & are "offended". Boohoo, snowflakes…go hide in your safe rooms & don't watch them then!

  30. Movieman909 says:

    I dont care what anybody says, boat trip was a great movie. Roselyn Sanchez was the best part of the entire movie!

  31. Green Grugach says:

    Not sure who directed Zack and Miri but whoever it was was s***.

  32. EZgamer85 says:

    I've never known a guy who wasn't disgusted by two men kissing. I am 36.

  33. Girly Knight says:

    But dat wasn't cruelty,it was a religious ritual.

  34. Tom M says:

    So this video is about a bunch of whiny, overly sensitive crybabies today, going back and wanting to be offended by older films? Yawn! Today's crybaby generation can't survive in the real world, so they cry all day on the Internet.

  35. Philliwolf5 says:

    If we're going to go through all the past movies and dissect them by the standards of the offense culture we're now ruled by, there's going to be a LOT of angry people. Just stick to recent movies. Times have changed since those films, and that should be taken into account.

  36. j0hnn13K says:

    Failed in movies and left jaded?
    No problem, we got the perfect job, movie critic!
    Sure, some of these movies are not great, but a few are classic masterpieces like Natural born killers and Apocalypse now but yes.. critics know best….

  37. Looper says:

    Are there any R-rated movies that you think went too far?

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