Question Period: NAFTA negotiations, carbon tax, Trans Mountain pipeline — June 12, 2018

Follow along as opposition parties question the Trudeau government in the House of Commons.

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49 Responses

  1. Shelah Chapman says:

    You tube censoring remarks people!

  2. morbius109 says:

    Liberal canned response to everything the Opposition asks – “We are moving forward. We’re doing stuff. We have a plan – a great plan, a terrific plan, an amazing plan. Look at all the money we’ve spent on all these wonderful programs. We’re so proud of ourselves. It’s all Stephen Harper’s fault. It’s all the Conservatives fault.”

  3. Adam Blondia says:

    will they throw the prime minister out already?

  4. MrPfosse says:

    CBC the national embarsement . Feminist can not give unbiased news. Tax run propganda for our woman groping traitor leader. Time to off the CBC and it's reporters.

  5. QuickDraw Mcgraw says:

    Justin has a lot in common with Pinocchio Every time Pinocchio lied his nose would grow. When Justin lies his eyebrows fall off. Justin doesn't want a sunset clause with Trump because he is only interested in bad deals you can not get out of. Instead of rallying around Trudeau on Tariffs we should charge him and his Liberal party with treason.

  6. Brenda L Doucet says:

    Justin. Keep taking care of Canada like you would knowing your children's lives are coming forward to the future of Canada. I believe in you to do what is best for Canada

  7. Andrew LeBlanc says:

    Stop using up internet space .

  8. Maly Lee says:

    I love this..I wish the US had the same Q and A process.

  9. MsLilpig says:

    Give a man a fish you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish you feed him for life. Giving people government handouts does nothing for the future of Canada. Give the people a job and watch Canada grow. Government needs to step back get rid of red tap to help Canada grow.

  10. Gary Lee says:

    Immature ignorant imbecile corrupt liberals make me sick

  11. voidremoved says:

    there was an accusation of false eyebrow… but it wouldn't stick.

  12. Gary Garside says:

    i hope that is the last applause he gets

  13. Otto Nomicus says:

    Trudeau making no progress whatsoever on the fluent…uh…English speaking. Thanks for that, Justin, without that to bridge the 0.1 second of silence between words we'd just think you were done and leave. I take the uh issue as an indicator of how "progressive" Justin Trudeau really is. If he can't tackle THAT issue, pretty unlikely he'll be capable of solving anything more significant. Here. I'll help the Liberal Party. Put a dog training electric shocker on his neck and every time he says uh you hit the button. I expect the problem to be solved by, oh, no more than 6 months. I'm sure he'll resist the shocking for the first few months. OMG Trudeau's an embarrassment, not only to the nation but to peoplekind itself.

  14. M K says:

    Sh*t gonna hit the fan folks. Trade war is inevitable….

  15. Alex Dawson says:

    Is there a version where the French is not recorded over?

  16. red 7 says:

    goodbye Trudeau

  17. Developer 004 says:

    Let me ask a question then:
    What have you done for the low income? Oh you keep saying middle class, but we're you not supposed to say middle incomers?
    Are you not in fact rolling up the ladder from the middle class, dividing the range even further from low incomers to reach the middle incomes?
    Will you and all governments around the world, if you really are globalist, when will there be set a maximum wage//income?
    If not then why do you support the minimum wage!?
    As per Canadian rights to be served in both English and/or French; and the choice of the Canadian to be served in the one of their choosing, and one should not need a translator to understand the words of any of you!MPP/MP, etc. or a translator should be secured to deliver that language of choice, in proper English or proper French Pronunciation and Annunciation?!?!? (Some accents break the language too badly to be parliamentary, both to listen and speak clearly)

  18. Tony Fox says:

    Liberals ended the Public Transit Tax Credit, yet they claim to care about the environment. I guess they like to have more cars on the road.

  19. shawn Of the dead says:

    Some one is not telling the truth here in the us media and on some of the you tube videos I’ve seen from the g7 it was reported that the sunset clause was removed.i guess it come down to what one you believe pretty sad

  20. Friend A says:

    Justin Trudeau, you know why no real Canadian like you because you are a Refugee Minister who unfortunately does everything to take care of terrorists. Why Trump tweets that towards you? You are doing everything to sicken Trump. If I were Trump I will do even harder. You are disqualified. Please step down!

  21. Greg Hession says:

    another act from the Ottawa Little Theatre

  22. Friend A says:

    Loberals are liars all

  23. A Matte says:

    liberals …attack ,attack, attack no action or repeat the following "we care about Canadian families by giving tax rebates", what about people who don't want kids, we can still have a family to take care of and support.

  24. William Sixsmith says:

    @12:17 They Mention the economy is doing better because the unemployment rate is dropping. If you check the Canadian Labor Force Participation Rate ( ). The CLFPR has been dropping steadily since 2008. I would humbly suggest that focusing on getting the CLFPR to move in the positive direction would be a better step towards improving the economy.

  25. Gina Fanelakis says:

    I live in america but i seriously do not like trump. He doesn't care about Canada's people or anyother country's people. He only cares about his "bottom line". He doesn't have a full grasp of international trade economics and how it works for the country's people that he is not giving a crap about! It's so frustrating!

  26. Stephen J says:

    Justin trudeau is not qualified for this role. He is a substitute drama teacher and part time snowboard instructor. Now he has the highest seat in the country.

  27. Fairlane Greenfield says:


  28. Fairlane Greenfield says:


  29. Fairlane Greenfield says:


  30. Fairlane Greenfield says:


  31. Erick Garcia says:

    MAGA America First!!!!

  32. Fairlane Greenfield says:


  33. Alan Cane says:

    Over on the CBC they trash Trump everyday. Then they wonder why they can't invoke friendship between the two countries to get a deal done.

  34. ap0lmc says:

    Trudeau should put a tariff on his eyebrow and glue to remount it

  35. Chris Moon says:

    Canadians did vote for lower taxes and the legalization of weed….trudeau has lied to us and spit in our faces…THERE WILL BE AN ELECTION NEXT YEAR..PACK YOUR BAGS TURDEAU

  36. Frank Ribeiro says:

    Trudope just creates problems with everybody,including taxpayers.

  37. Beeping 117 says:

    Vote to be a republic and dump the British.They have used for years a szchophrenia weapon on a man that work together with subliminal messages on the BBC,itv,channel 3,4 and 5 and Sky news.Years of planned psychological assault to steal a mans life to steal his mentalist health by a scientist and a unethical television industry.Its a human rights crime.Vote to cast this evil British regime to one side and vote to be a republic.

  38. Lar M says:

    Why not invest money on reducing carbon emission from industry with innovation in technological advancement rather than taking penalty measure ? This is the question raised by my 7 years old son and he is just an average in his class.

  39. Lar M says:

    Carbon tax has nothing to do with controlling carbon emission. This will come from improvement in technology ALONE.

  40. Lar M says:

    Carbon tax is not about carbon.We exhale carbon dioxide 24 hours a day 365 days a year.Is this really what we are taxed on including new born infants ??????

  41. Esteban Castillo says:

    Interesting how politics works in Canada.

  42. Walden Smith says:

    Our great nation of Canada is going through a difficult time with the current state of affairs. Its Fathers Day this Sunday and humbly share my Youtube Fathers Day message with our Pm the Cabinet and the Opposition who are all working hard to build a stronger Canada. Access with rev. waldensmith. Kindly pass this info to other Canadians. A french Subtitle may be required. Appreciate your help at CBC. Keep up the good work at CBC.

  43. Pitbull says:

    U.S. don't want Nafta.I think he need to quit reading from the script and tell Canadians carbon tax is going to the United nations pockets.Heck it was America that helped Canada, they were going broke.

  44. Ice Xiao says:

    Thank god this video is 720p. If it were 4k you'd see his eyebrows falling off again.

  45. The T says:

    He is a complete liar on his spending.. Billions have left Canada.. I don't care about the rest of the world.. Take care of canadians first then look into helping. Why do canadians have to suffer..we did not vote for you to spend our money outside canada and we certainly dont feel like paying avg $300 per person on the 4.5billion pipeline.. Can i get my money back?

  46. Andre Dube says:

    He's a Macron/Merkel/Soros/Clinton puppet, Macron put Trudeau up to this. Canada should not stab the US in the back. Trudeau had the opportunity at the G7 meeting, instead Trudeau waits till Trump is on his way to sign a Peace Summit with North Korea. Trudeau could have negotiated with the US at the NAFTA talks, but Trudeau blew it.

  47. Joel Lontoc says:

    The illegal refugees crossing the border should be turned back as they are not escaping a war torn country. The US is a safe country so Canadian tax dollars should not be wasted processing illegal immigrants period.

  48. Joel Lontoc says:

    Canadian dairy is far superior quality of the US. Our cows are not pumped full of antibiotics.

  49. Marek Kolenda says:

    Global warming could be pools shifting not pollution

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