Public Records On Credit Report – Public Record Removed From Credit Report

In this second installment about public records on credit report, we go soup to nuts through how to get a public record removed from credit report files, by exercising your consumer rights. And without just sitting on your hands and waiting seven to 10 long, expensive, and frustrating years. For the full story check out an article at:

Watch how long do public records stay on credit report:

Watch how to remove a public record from your credit report:

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2 Responses

  1. Khamsum Yoezer says:

    I got mine erased by bulbtools on Instagram

  2. Jeanie Rivera says:

    Hi, I have a public record (judgement) on my credit report for a credit card (Capital One) that I had in 2007/2008, I now have a judgement in NJ for that card filed from 2013!!! I am now trying to purchase a townhouse however this judgement is still open. I called the courts and the judgement is still there back as of today 2/19…. How do I handle this?

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