PROVEN Pro Credit Dispute Letter Strategies That Work

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Tonight I”m giving you a full walkthrough and in-depth look at disputing negative accounts on your credit report: what took for, what to say in a dispute letter, how to write the dispute letter, and best course of action to remove the accounts from your credit report. I’ll note a change here: I used to use Credit Check Total and it is now IdentityIQ Credit Monitoring for client credit reports. I’m going to give you an in depth step by step on how to remove very difficult accounts. I’m going to literally walk you through step by step from obtaining your credit report, where to obtain it, what to do with that information, what dispute letter to use, whether dispute with the Bureau’s with the creditor, etc. If you would like to schedule a free consultation for a credit sweep, head over to and I will see if I can help.


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Please watch: “Removing Accounts From a Credit Report – Why is it So Hard?”


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  1. Billy D says:

    Are you sending each Bureau a print out from Identity IQ showing all 3 Bureaus (or whatever tool you are using that has all 3)

  2. Jack C says:

    How can I pay you to help me with my credit ?

  3. Inner G says:

    Super insightful

  4. Joshua Derstine says:

    Why credit check total instead of identity IQ?

  5. SFSBusinessConsulting says:


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