PROVEN Credit Sweep Tactics – Write Effective Dispute Letters to Credit Bureaus! (REPLAY)

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Don’t miss this replay! 👉 Want a custom credit sweep that gets results? Jump on a free consultation at today. 👈 | Today’s workshop is a 48hr free public release (otherwise $47) in honor of mother’s day, which was previously live. If you’re having issues understanding how to attack the credit bureaus to remove the derogatory accounts from your credit report, then this is the video for you!

Regardless of whether you’re dealing with collections or charge-offs, late payments or even bankruptcy, if you understand how to write the dispute letter and how the actual credit repair process works, then you can capitalize off violations and get your deletions or corrections.

This workshop will show you different credit repair secrets and tactics to use that can be applied to virtually any type of account and I really hope that you enjoy it!

💡 👉 Transform your RESULT-LESS letters using a battle-tested cheat sheet. Get yours free for unlimited results at

I show you the most aggressive credit sweep tactics, techniques, strategies and methods that’ll drive your results. This channel was set up to be the gas that powers your vehicle to your destination.


DIY awesome free tools, tutorials and downloads –

🦸‍♀️ DFY credit sweep service free consultation 🦸‍♀️

Let’s jump on a call and see if I can help!

For everything ‘credit’, check out the free podcast at and my previously-live mini creditcasts at

Please watch: “Removing Accounts From a Credit Report – Why is it So Hard?”


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    Is identityIQ one of the third party reporting agencies

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    When the bureaus have different mismatch data, then how do you know which is one that is wrong to send too?

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    I sent up a video Consultation call but you never call me..

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