Protesters take to St. Louis streets after ex-cop acquitted

Protesters have taken to the streets in downtown St. Louis after former police officer Jason Stockley was found not guilty in the 2011 shooting death of Anthony Lamar Smith, who was black. Stephanie Sy reports.

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11 Responses

  1. bob builds says:

    The cop did what he needed to do and he didn't plant a gun either if you watch the video when he enters the SUV he exits without anything in his hands so he didn't plant a gun… the driver Lamar was using his Vehicles a deadly weapon he should have been shot. I would say that about anybody white black brown yellow it doesn't matter as for these morons protesting they do realize that they're just creating more racism right?

  2. Tantheman93 says:

    They should all be arrested.

  3. Kemone McBean says:

    People have the right to protest racial bias and injustices in the judicial system. Everytime a white cop kills a black men or women they get off scotfree. Time will change.Remember white America that your country is becoming majority minority.

  4. Klouse says:

    It's going to get ugly in St. Louis tonight. I say we find that dead drug dealers moms house and throw a BBQ in front of it. Remind her sons dead and we the people are happy he can't fill our kids with heroin anymore

  5. David Shiplet says:

    Give that cop a medal. Just like Darrin Wilson deserves one.

  6. Sgt Joe Smith says:

    Board up the foot locker

  7. Sean Flipflop says:


  8. Handcuff_Collector says:


  9. Jeanne90275 says:

    Smith was a drug dealer who rammed a police vehicle with his rented car and lead police on a high speed chase. The judge got it right; "an inner city heroin dealer who was not armed would be an anomaly."

  10. Mechanical Experience says:

    Must be nice to have non-white privilege and be a rioter referred to as a protester

  11. Evident Media says:

    third world country

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