Prosecutors: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver explains how prosecutors use, or in some cases misuse, their power within our criminal justice system and why it’s important to know whether or not your district attorney is a dog.

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32 Responses

  1. Robin Blackett says:

    Your justice system is a joke, and not even funny.

    Civil law wins again.

  2. Ben M says:

    I knew what this was about before I even clicked.

  3. Mr Swag says:

    In conclusion throughout wuthering heights the heights wuthering, but by the end the heights wuther much more than they wuthered at the beginning of the book. Thank you for your time.

  4. Michael Perry says:

    Is it just me or did the bit where John was mentioning awkward teenage terms for drugs sound like they could be real British terms for normal everyday things?

  5. Jude Connor-Macintyre says:

    English teachers are aware they don't read the shit we give them. I just read it to them.

  6. Aracely says:

    Someone needs to conduct a serious investigation into the work of Midland County (TX) prosecutor Lacey Holloman. She is corrupt. She is dishonest. She is toxic and dangerous. She abuses her power to ruin the lives of innocent people for her own sick thrill and to help her career. She's the one that belongs in prison. She is exactly who others need to be protected from. She pretends to be protecting victims (imaginary victims) while she victimizes real people with her evil behavior, just to simply help her own career. She is a very sick individual. She needs to be stopped from causing more harm to more innocent people. If someone just investigates her work, they will certainly find these things I have said about her.

  7. Verbal Swag Rawkey says:

    Prosecutor’s main goal is to avoid a trial. To do this is quite easy by overcharging the accused. I hate to say it but I put my family thru this unknown world when a 17-year-old girl wanted to hook up with me after she had been drinking at my house before I came home.
    Arrested and charged with 2-counts, those 2 counts doubled cause I was 10 years older than the accuser. Those 4 counts were enhanced by an Intoxicant Enhancements. Thus, each count was a mandatory Life-Sentence if found guilty. Needless to say my entire family was derailed by this shocking vile world. My house was sold, cars, work vehicle sold, I was a dedicated single father. My attorney questioned the Sex Detective for 3 minutes in a pre-trial hearing. The next day I was offered 2 years by the DA. I told my attorney, ”Let’s go to trial and if I lose I’ll do the 2-years. My attorney is still laughing…

  8. Archimedes says:

    Arrested and lawyer says take the deal even though you didn't do it bc if you take it to trial and lose they are going to give you five years and separate sentences to run consecutive Wich means you have to serve each sentence separately one after another and your son will be grown up before get home. Oh and also was told on top of that, that to sweeten the deal the da would let me out of jail on bond for two months until sentencing. Then she said you could be home tomorrow if you just plead guilty and we will even give you house arrest so you won't have to go back to jail. All you have to do is sign this paper and you'll be home tomorrow. Well I f'n did it and they did let me out the next day but and this is a big but when I went for sentencing I said ok where is the house arrest guy and my lawyer says to me oh actually you don't qualify for that so you'll be going to prison today for 1 to give years. This shit ruined my life and I will never get that time back with my son and wife my marriage has suffered and my entire life was changed completely. And all so the da could get a win so that her conviction rate doesn't drop. The public defender's are a Joke they basically work for the da it is terrible how they destroy lives over petty things and even for things people are innocent of it has to be changed somehow and I don't know how these people sleep at night knowing what they are doing

  9. Comrade Pickles says:

    Gross I live in Calcasieu parish

  10. Twisted Scorpio says:

    She dead

  11. Rya J says:

    John forgot to cover the prosecutors influence in making of the laws they'll then enforce in court. A lot of times if they cant charge people with crimes they change it to make it so easy they just have to say someone did it

  12. LWIV&V says:

    I love how he just barely gets through delivering the "Cheescake Factory" joke at the end without breaking.

  13. Rodney Roberts says:

    This was one of the most informative shows I’ve ever had the pleasure to watch and be featured in, stop wrongful convictions.

  14. Many Gods Many Numbers Then One says:

    Hands of Glory to the Fighters Ride
    What kinds of twisted trees are these Gollums, these dark Orcs, begging to grow into life as new and responsible men? They're strategic murders and secrecy is so dark, and hid in dank corridors, hoping that honorable thieves might creep in to straighten them. Perhaps, some engineer, some devil of the trees will fashion a curtain to hide their sores from sight? To make thieving honor, for us devilish curtains and flowers from gardens mashed and strained of poisons to this guild of fighters, we cant to pick their locks, and fix them their honor, last a mark illusion.

  15. TheEdawg77 says:

    Prosecutors don't decide. District Attorneys do. The prosecutors are the ones who argue the case in court for the side of the prosecution.

  16. Global African says:

    So true!! IOWA is a prime example!

  17. Brandon LM01 says:

    2.9k prosecutors disagree

  18. Donald J Taylor says:

    It does show how the Liberal arts has corrupted The Law.

  19. Vinny Mac says:

    Steve Avery agrees.

  20. BeaterWRX says:

    The most shocking part of all of this is that even one prosecutor spent one hour in jail. They're the only group who gets away with more than cops.

  21. Carlos Zdravkovic says:

    Prosecutors should get purged 1917 style

  22. *Kaito’s* -Love child- says:

    That's outrageous and needs to be changed

  23. kene tabansi says:

    Amazing how you can make anything sound like a cult if you lay a bunch of people saying the exact same phrase on top of each other

  24. Vtuber Soup says:

    Things like this are why I want to become a lawyer. I might get shamed out of every firm I work in, but we need people who want to reform the system.

  25. test says:

    there's currently a race war going on in the USA. and we are winning against whites. hell, my best buddies in the USA (all black) all date white women only. that's how we win.

  26. Anthony Gularte says:

    Everyone who goes to court needs to plead not guilty and ask for a speedy trial. If this happened, the DA's would actually have to do their jobs.
    Most DA's, Judges are complete morons detached from reality let alone what is legal.
    They believe they can do what they want with no repercussions. Plus if you have a public pretender, they're not on your side they work with the DA to get you to take a deal. So they bith don't have to work. The court system is a joke. A joke that can take you freedom.

  27. Frank Uhlig says:

    The zealous rule rheologically print because coke numerically guarantee failing a lying coke. stupid, lazy morocco

  28. Cawney Hawme says:

    So basically Jim was a cerial killer.

  29. Caje Quartz says:

    “Fuck The Police” should also be accompanied by “Fuck The Prosecutors”

    Minority groups are those who have been disproportionately affected by the Criminal Justice System, and blacks in particular have always been subjugated to this form of racism within the US, Canada, and other white nations.

    If you didn’t already know that prosecutors were responsible for upholding one of the most longstanding traditions of white supremacy; then now you know.

  30. Kkay says:

    Love this guy!

  31. Dustin Sims says:

    8-16-21 I had court this morning and stood my ground, told the judge and prosecutors that I wasn't excepting their plea offer and the judge got confused.. she couldn't understand what or why someone would not want to do 5yrs probation "deferred" rather than defend themselves against false charges brought by the state. The prosecutor said " um judge.. I'd just like to remind the defendent that if the plea offer isn't excepted he WILL be a convicted felon"
    Yup, that's just the confirmation I needed to tell me I'm fucked and the court has already made up their mind. But, I'm not gonna roll over after having my rights violated & the fact that the court docet has different charges than what I was accused of should throw up red flags but they do not give a fk. That's redundant. Obviously they've made their decision. Oh well. I'll die before I let them run me over like they do so many others every day.
    Gainesville TX, Cooke County. As corrupt as you couldn't imagine. Jury selection 10-25
    Wish me luck.. not that it'll make any difference..

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