Principal deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre holds briefing — 10/21/2021

Principal deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre holds a press briefing with reporters on Thursday.

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Principal Deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre holds briefing — 10/21/2021


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25 Responses

  1. Jasmine Mayo says:

    Another, great speaker. Love her.

  2. J Bb says:

    Always blaming Trump the country was great with trump

  3. J Bb says:

    Lies lies lies.. they why they aren't they sending help to Texas

  4. Toner In Machine. Fill Up Account. Committee even Reparations.

  5. 40mmrrsmith says:

    She turned the papers to the correct page before asking the question. Hmmm

  6. Host Hoof says:

    Pure BS and the propaganda and Gaslighting isn't working anymore. This administration can blame every else all they want,but they are the ones crushing American.

  7. M G says:

    These people are literally like North Korean news. This is unreal we have a president with 78 with Alzheimer's. We have a fascist-like environment where big tech controls our lives. I hope that people vote all these fascists out

  8. You inherited the most secure border and economy then you.ll admit but whatever

  9. Thank you Peter for your questions!!!

  10. Oh no let's try a black female to fix the mess I think America already knows and the race cars press Secretary won't change any minds if anything blm has hurt your race cars

  11. LuLu Lovlie says:


  12. LuLu Lovlie says:

    & we wouldn’t be so effected if we kept usa made the priority like the past presidency…

  13. LuLu Lovlie says:

    I love how obvious they use women & minorities to seem liberal. Don’t be an idiot, don’t fall for it.

  14. Hey Jen…Obama's doctor just came out and said if you get the jab it stops your own body from getting natural immunity. This shot has no been tested for long term effects with kids. So Jen put your kids on TV making sure their faces are covered and get the jab so we can be witnesses, then track their health becasue if you are willing to make American children get the shot why not take a chance with your kids? Transparency Jen remember you said that right Jen? What? Another lie? LET'S GO BRANDON! Trump2024

  15. Bull_froggg_ says:

    Someone need to write a song about, it's not my fault I'm a Democrat. Lol what a joke. Lol let go Brandon!!!!

  16. L B says:

    Can this lady not read??

  17. pitt 495 says:

    demos and main stream media look at their audience as being illiterate and stupid this is why they get away with what they preach.

  18. Chanelle says:

    Why can’t she stand up instead of slouch?! Geez.

  19. She is a clone of jen psaki. Uptalking and condescending.

  20. WOW, she spoke for almost an hour and said nothing…………….

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