President Donald Trump Mistakenly Thinks Steelworker’s Father Is Dead | CNBC

Speaking at a proclamation ceremony on Thursday, President Donald Trump mistakenly assumed a steelworker’s father was not alive.
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President Donald Trump Mistakenly Thinks Steelworker’s Father Is Dead | CNBC


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11 Responses

  1. Jimmy Lopez says:

    I'm not a biden fan, but we have to admit his recovery when he did the same his recovery was much better

  2. The ugly barnacle says:

    My great grand paw died in a concentration camp he fell out of the guard tower poor fella

  3. SAM I AM says:

    The sad part is you Hate Trump so much, that you failed to identify the head of a Union. In your headline labeling as a "steelworker" instead using his name. Your biases and loyalty are only to the elitist club. Those of us who want to see America great again, know Hermans sons name! President Trump, the working mans billionaire President! These families life's were made better, it brought a tear of joy! Wake up!

  4. Raymond Ang says:

    CNBC, how low can you go? Gee

  5. Matthew Alistair says:

    That was funny. They’re trying to isolate that like he should be ashamed when it’s an honest mistake

  6. dymka2006 says:

    So glad CNBS never makes mistakes

  7. F3ND1MUS says:

    0:34 "so with that being said NAME Your story didnt end"

  8. F3ND1MUS says:

    Most people who listen to the words spoken would have thought the same actually, did myself.

  9. TheElite Taylor says:

    I thought he was dead too, the way he was talking! The one time I think his mistake was honest.

  10. Chaos Bringer says:

    Six kids?

  11. rafikozz says:

    This president is such a joke, shame on you USA

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